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'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Episode 23: “He Welo 'oihana (Family Business)”

On tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 season 3, episode 23 “He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business),” McGarrett must help his mother execute a covert op to retrieve an incriminating microfiche. Meanwhile, Kono’s life is in danger when she closes in on Adam’s secret.

Hawaii Five-0 is an updated remake of the 1968 original series, Detective Steve McGarrett returns home to Oahu to investigate his father’s murder and Hawaii’s governor convinces him to stay and head up a new team with no rules and no red tape. Detective Danny “Danno” Williams joins the team in order to keep the island safe for his 8-year old daughter. Also joining the team is Chin Ho Kelly who was wrongfully accused of corruption and Chin’s cousin Kono who is fresh out of the academy. While running the team, McGarrett also tries to repair his relationship with his estranged sister Mary Ann and continues to look for closure on his father’s case.

“He Welo ‘oihana (Family Business)” airs tonight at 10:00pm EST on CBS. Spoilers video below:

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