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13 thoughts on “Widespread Slavery Still Exists in France

  1. Lindaandjerrytaylor Custom Tees says:


  2. Lindaandjerrytaylor Custom Tees says:


  3. There is still so so much work to do…my prayers go out to those who've escaped this horrible nightmare and strength to those who are still trying to get free!

  4. Itza Smith says:

    Dumbest news story I've ever seen. EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH has this type of slavery. Typical of stupid Americans of trying to pin it on France. It's probably worse in the U.S.

  5. they did not show his wife..

  6. Wilbur Young says:


  7. Senora Grayson says:


  8. but this is not a case of france doing this to africans this was a african family doing it to another african

  9. Luci Ryan says:

    I will post the documentary that shows huge numbers of whites who enslave these women in their homes. They are held as prisoners used as domestic workers and is very common. They are all from Africa.

  10. France is aware of the slavery in their country. are other countries what are they doing to stop it that's the issue

  11. Luci Ryan yea i was just expecting that when i first click on video (whites) – i responded just looking at the first few minutes but when i saw the rest of the video then i could see that it was a wide sspread thing and if so then the whites are the trend setters after all its their country and they are the" joneses" that everyone is trying to copy sadly smh.

  12. The video comes from CNN…I found it to be (as always) a little disingenuous by starting it off with the African family, and then going on to a middle eastern family, and briefly saying how it's not immigrants to the country… They know good and well, that it is more people originally from that country that are doing it. Not like others aren't, but damn, at least if you're going to tell it…tell it right.

  13. I have always said people need to travel and see what is really going on in the world. I have and me and my family are doing it ay this moment. But most black people only get as far as the Island's and thats it they stay in their comfort zone, then say " if only I knew " well now you know. So when will the real boycott start and I'm not talking about stop eating French Fries.

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