Terrence Howard Divorce War Is Finally Over; He Comes Out On Top

Terrence Howard’s divorce war with ex-wife Michelle Ghent has finally come to an end and Howard has actually come out as the victor.

Talk about a nasty divorce. With allegations of verbal and physical abuse on both ends of the battle, it was no surprise that the debate over who gets to walk away with what was heated from the get-go.

Well a judge has finally ruled and it seems like Terrence’s bitter ex isn’t getting much.

The “Crash” actor will remain the owner of both of his Pennsylvania homes and Ghent didn’t earn any right to any of his 25 bank accounts.

Of course, it wasn’t exactly a clean get away. While Howard won the property disputes, he has been ordered to pay Ghent $5,800 a month in spousal support for the next three years.

That means Ghent is walking away from the divorce with a total of $208,800… which may be a staggering amount of cash to us, but probably is barely putting a dent in Terrence’s wallet.

Ghent has also been ordered to hand over the keys to the actor’s 2011 Rang Rover as she is only allowed to hold on to her bike and BMW.

All in all, he came out with a pretty good deal considering the serious allegations that had been put up against him and the restraining order that his ex had issued.

Now ladies, before you go getting all excited thinking Terrence is officially back on the market… the actor’s nasty divorce war has him throwing in the towel on dating for now.

“I don’t think I’m going to date ever again,” he recently told GQ Magazine. “They [his exes] win, they win. I’ve had a bad run.”

While the dispute has him turning his back on dating he did manage to walk away with some great life lessons and admitted that he made many mistakes that he will never repeat again.

“I should have never fought with her publicly,” he continued. “I should never have said anything bad about her, I don’t care what was the cause. You just love your family.”

Throughout the bitter split there was a ton of mud slinging back and forth between the couple, but it seemed like Terrence was the one who was always been seen as the bad guy.

It wasn’t long before every new gig that came Howard’s way was the role of a malicious villain – similar to how Ghent portrayed him to the media.

The good news is, he didn’t mind playing the bad guy in the movies because it gave him a chance to let out a lot of raw emotions.

“Well, look at all the crap that’s gone on with me on the personal level,” he explained. “It fit my life. You know, I guess they see me as a bad guy. So it’s back to back. When you feel betrayed by someone that you trust the most… As an actor, you look for something that’s going to let you express your inner emotions and anger.”

Honestly, we can understand him being so hurt and angry because it seemed like Ghent had a money scheme going on from the beginning.

She began tearing the marriage apart shortly after the couple tied the knot and after a little more than a year together she had already filed for divorce from the award winning actor.

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