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Images of LG Mystery Smartphone Leaked

LG Optimus 2? Google Nexus 5? No idea. As in, there are absolutely no clues as to what phone is being shown off in the latest leak from “evleaks,” of Twitter and Facebook smartphone-leaking fame.

While it’s thought that the recent pictures evleaks posted are from a next-gen Optimus G2 device, there’s also talk that a rumored expanded partnership between Google and LG – not to mention the similarities between LG’s Optimus G smartphone and the Nexus 4 – could lead to an LG-branded Nexus 5 device.

There’s also been a trickle of numbers hitting the AnTuTu benchmark database in the form of mysterious, unknown LG handsets. Some speculate that these are indeed different versions of the LG Optimus G2 being tested out. The smartphones – the LG-F340L, Lg-F320L, and LG-F320K – were seen running 1.5GHz or 2GHz processors and either Android 4.1.2 or Android 4.2.2. The nomenclature of the handsets themselves suggests that the devices are Korean versions of LG’s mysterious phones but, as reported by Android Authority’s Chris Smith, figuring out a device’s specifics just by the model number can be quite a guessing game.

Smith also reports that it’s likely that the mystery phone, sporting an approximately 5.5-inch-display, will hit in the fourth quarter of this year since LG just recently announced its current flagship LG Optimus G Pro in the U.S. — an $199 AT&T exclusive.

As for the smartphone’s specifics, the first thing avid phone-watchers might catch is that the mystery device doesn’t have any hardware buttons on it whatsoever. There’s also a slight bezel to the phone up-top and, as one might expect, it’s (likely) charged via a USB 2.0 connection down below.

Compared to the LG Optimus G Pro, LG’s mystery phone moves around the position of the phone’s included sensors and flash from the device’s top-right to its top-left. The familiar LG logo jumps to the phone’s bottom instead of its top, and the primary speaker is located a wee bit lower compared to the phone’s top border than what’s seen on the LG Optimus G Pro.

In total, the phone comes in at a size of around 2.5 by 5 inches, giving it the aforementioned 5.5-inch screen display (measured diagonally).

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