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Volkswagen Rolls Out New Beetle, Jetta with Better MPG

If you’re about to buy a Volkswagen Beetle turbo or Jetta GLI, you might want to wait. Those models get new engines this month that have a little more power and better fuel economy, but also higher prices.

As a running change, the 2013 Beetle and Beetle convertible turbo models and the GLIs get what VW calls a Gen 3 EA888 engine. It’s rated 210 horsepower instead of the current 200 hp, and should get government mileage ratings 1 or 2 mpg more than the current versions.

Prices for Gen 3-equipped cars go up about $250 to $700 because of the engines and other trim and equipment changes.

The Gen 3-equipped cars are being shipped to dealers now.

The Gen 3 engine is made at Silao, Mexico, and is a 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged gas engine like the Gen 2 it replaces. VW says its improved mileage and power are due to lower engine weight and less friction.

The higher mpg ratings it is expected to get¬†won’t show up on the cars’ window stickers or on the government’s fuel economy list until the 2014 models. VW can’t use the higher mpg numbers until the government signs off.

The Gen 2 Beetle turbo with automatic transmission is rated 22 miles per gallon in the city, 30 on the highway and 25 in combined city/highway use. Jetta GLI with the same engine and an automatic transmission: 24/32/27.

Prices of the new, Gen 3 Beetles range from $25,165 for the Beetle 2.0T coupe with manual transmission to $33,765 for the Beetle convertible 2.0T Fender with automatic.

A new model added to the coupe line, called R-Line, is $30,930 with manual, $32,030 with automatic. R-Line has bigger wheels and tires, badges and high-ilkswagntensity headlights with LED running lights.


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