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Rapper Mac Miller Tells Fans ‘Expect Nothing’ on New Release

It’s official. Mac Miller’s sophomore album Watching Movies with the Sound Off  will arrive on June 18, and the Pittsburgh rapper wants his fans to have… no expectations for the project. That’s right, no expectations at all.

He announced the release date via a UStream session where he sat fully clothed in a bathtub, then followed up with a tweet for those who missed that initial announcement, writing, “Watching Movies With The Sound Off: June 18.”

And what might fans find on this new LP? “I really don’t wanna say anything [about the album] because expectations are the worst things in the world for people,” Mac told MTV News when asked about the vibe of the project. “It ruins their state of mind when they listen to music, so I don’t wanna say anything. Just expect nothing.”

Although he declined to spill details about the complete body of work, he would talk about his first attempt at producing tracks on the album under the alias of Larry Fisherman.

“On Blue Slide Park, the core of the album was everything that me and Jeremy [Kulousek] and Eric Dan did, so we would sit and make the songs from scratch but they would handle the production,” he explained. “The only difference with this one is, I said, ‘You know what? It’s time for me to step in and try this.’ ”

“I’ve learned so much from them, just watching how they do things,” he continued. “And I’ve always kind of produced but not really, so I was like it’s time that I trust myself and do this. So at the album’s heart, I just depended on myself for this one.”

Being an official first-time producer does mean that Mac’s a little nervous though. “It’s just dope, but I’m still self-conscious about my beats because they [haven’t really been] out there and this is where it stars,” he added. “I’m excited to have beats on my own album.”


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