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Will Smith Accused of Being A Bad Parent After Defending Justin Bieber

Will Smith is following his wife Jada Pinkett’s footsteps in defending Justin Bieber and his recent string of crazy antics, but coming to Justin’s rescue may only fuel the rumor fire that Mr. Smith needs some parenting lessons.

It wasn’t long ago that Jada Pinkett Smith took to Facebook to defend young celebrities, claiming that they all needed to be entitled to more privacy as they do their best to grown up in the media spotlight.

Well her husband Will is putting in his own two cents, defending the teenage pop star after drugs were discovered on board his tour bus.

During an interview with Capital FM, the Fresh Princh of Bel-Air star explained that in his opinion, the media needs to back off and just let kids be kids.

“There are things that are just simple and normal for a 19 year-old to do, just when I was 19 there was no Twitter, the things that I was doing – I was able to have privacy because everybody’s phone didn’t have a camera on it,” Smith explained.

The 44-year-old actor went on to say that it’s simply a different world now and it can certainly be challenging for the young entertainers to deal with.

“It’s just a completely different world,” he added. “It’s just a difficult thing. There’s this new world where the machine needs to be fed and it doesn’t have to be true – the machine just needs to eat.”

Well the only good thing about “the machine” for Justin is that just as quickly as social media can be used to damage a reputation, it can be used to build it back up as well.

Despite being heavily criticized for having drugs on board his tour bus, throwing a mansion party when he wasn’t even home, and being quite the diva to work with a new string of photos to hit Twitter have some people convinced that the Biebs is still just a sweet humble 19-year-old that loves his fans (insert eye roll here).

The “Beauty and a Beat” singer posted a collage of him cuddling up with several of his female fans. In some photos he is seen planting a sweet kiss on their cheeks, while in others he is being much more playful and joking around with a cardboard cut out of his face.

Of course, it’s going to take a lot more than some pictures with fans to get the media’s attention off his latest narcotic bust, controversial viral photo, and photo shoot temper tantrum in Denmark.

After the “Girlfriend” singer arrived to the shoot six hours late he was reportedly absolutely “disgraceful.”

According to RadarOnline Justin went off on a serious tangent after he was asked to wear a bell boy hat in the photo.

“This kid is quickly getting a reputation as someone that no one wants to work with,” the source said. “It was disgraceful.”

His rude behavior has many critics asking “where is this boy’s mother and how does she feel about all this?”

Well if she has been taking any parenting tips from Will Smith she has decided to let the Bieb make his own decisions while she just hopes he makes the right ones.

The “I Am Legend” star revealed that when it comes to parenting he is taking a less traditional route and trying to teach his children at an early age the value of making their own choices and being forced to live with them.

“The way that we deal with our kids is, they are responsible for their lives,” he said. “Our concept is, as young as possible, give them as much control over their lives as possible.”

Quite a few people have come out to criticize the Fresh Prince’s method of parenting, but as a child who was raised similarly I must say that his methods aren’t as crazy as they sound.

If a parent manages to build a good relationship with their child they are able to point out the serious consequences of their child’s decisions before and after they make it. It’s the concept of giving them a warning about what might happen, letting them decide if they want to take that risk, and then helping them figure out how to deal with those consequences after the fact.

While my mother was insistent upon raising her children like this, my father was completely different and decided to raise my brother with strict rules and guidelines and before we knew it my brother never really had to think for himself. So when it was time for him to do just that, it was quite the shock and a challenging transition to make.

The perfect parenting technique is likely somewhere in the middle of these two methods, but it’s important that people don’t point fingers at parents who are trying something different when it is safe to say that nobody really has the whole parenting thing down pat.


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