'Scream' Coming To Small Screen …Don't All Yell At Once!

Scream! The hooded, ghost-face-masked villain with a big kitchen knife is back again!!!

At an event, held at the Beacon Theatre in New York, MTV announced it has greenlit a pilot adapted from the hit horror film franchise Scream.

Although the cable network has not found a director or a writer, they expect to bring the horror series to the small screen by summer of 2014.

Dimension Films (owned by the Weinsteins) and DiGa Vision (owned by former top MTV execs Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley) are working with MTV to make the project happen.

Several writers have supposedly been interviewed, but MTV has not decided who they’re going with. On the other hand, Dimension is reportedly in talks with the films’ original director Wes Craven to direct the pilot — but no deal has been struck.

I believe the first Scream film was a hit and as usual, its legacy, not good production, carried the franchise through the three sequels. Since MTV has decided to resurrect what should have stayed dead, it’ll be interesting how they will manage to keep this project alive past a couple seasons – if that.

Are you interested in seeing a Scream TV series? Let us know below…

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