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Anti-Anorexia Campaign Criticized for Actually Promoting Anorexia

A new anti-anorexia campaign is using dramatic images to convey a message to young women that they are “not a sketch,” but critics of the campaign feel as if the images are doing nothing but giving girls a goal to work towards.

Star Models is a modeling agency based out of Brazil and their latest attempt to attack anorexia isn’t being seen as effective by everyone.

The campaign uses thin fashion sketches and then uses Photoshop to make a real life model just as thin as the fashion sketch.

Along with the graphic image is the caption “You are not a sketch. Say no to anorexia.”

According to critics, while the message may seem clear to women who aren’t battling with the eating disorder, for other women seeing the tiny fashion sketches compared to the Photoshopped models can actually encourage them to continue their unhealthy habits.

“Unfortunately I think some women could look to these images for thinspiration,” one commenter explained.

Another commenter added, “It is a good campaign for young girls who have not yet succumbed to the Thin Culture of our country, to perhaps nip the tendency in the bud. But for those who are already truly anorexic, these models are their GOAL.”

Despite the critics, however, there were some people felt like the campaign was efficient and the message was clear for anyone to understand.

“It sends a powerful message… it’s a literal visualization of what the fashion industry sets the standards at,” said Liz Osborne-Leavell who works in customer service at Epicuren.

Another supporter of the ads felt that the campaign was a great idea because it went a lot deeper than just saying being too thin was bad – it tapped into the reason why most people struggle with anorexia in the first place.

“I like these ads because they address the issue that anorexia seems to stem from the inability for people to distinguish reality from fiction,” the commenter said before going on to explain that we need to stop nagging big corporations to make a change before we make changes ourselves. “Barbie dolls don’t have realistic body proportions, but we should be teaching girls that they don’t have to look like a barbie doll before banning barbies. It’s nitpicking a toy company versus actually making an effort to teach girls how to think healthy.”

Of course with anything as serious as an eating disorder there really isn’t a graphic campaign image that will shake someone into the senses. It takes much more time, love, and attention to address the issue and no single ad campaign will ever provide that.

If you or anyone you know is battling an eating disorder don’t continue the fight on your own. Call the National Eating Disorder Association toll-free at 1-800-931-2237 to get the help you need.


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    Funny, you didn't use the picture of the black one! Atlanta BLACK star! LOL

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