Katherine Jackson Paranoid Michael’s Paternity Will Be Questioned

Katherine Jackson and her legal team seem pretty paranoid about what Debbie Rowe’s testimony will be during the Jackson family’s wrongful death trial against AEG Live.

TMZ reported:

We’re told lawyers worry Debbie will testify Michael is NOT the biological father of Prince and Paris. TMZ broke the story back in 2009 … Michael indeed is not the biological father.

Debbie is on the witness list for both Katherine and AEG Live. AEG has taken Debbie’s deposition but — shockingly — we’ve learned AEG never asked Debbie a single question about paternity as it relates to MJ.

As for why Katherine’s lawyers are so interested in Debbie’s testimony … she’s the one who knows the most about MJ and the paternity, and they’re worried AEG may try to prove the kids don’t have any legal ties to Michael, which could torpedo their damage claim.

Katherine’s lawyers have already filed legal docs asking the judge to exclude any evidence of paternity. The judge has yet to rule on the motion.

Whether Michael is the biological father of Paris and Prince should not even be an issue for the courts because MJ still raised both of the children. It takes more than a sperm donation to qualify any man as a real father so that certainly shouldn’t be the main factor in defining a father either.

Either way, California laws are more than likely going to defend Michael as the father because Debbie was living with Michael when she gave birth. Under California law, that’s enough for MJ to be legally presumed as the children’s father.


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