Mystery Man on the Roof: Boston Marathon Bombing Image Goes Viral

Mystery Man on the Roof Photo – Photos taken of the Boston marathon bombing carnage showed horrific images of smeared blood on the sidewalk, blown out windows and bystanders rushing to aid multiple people who had lost limbs and suffered other severe injuries.

But amidst the chaos of what some described as a “war zone,” images also emerged on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media that sent speculation and conspiracy theories flying.

One of the most talked about photos, which was taken by a spectator, captured a mysterious figure walking on top of a building near the finish line, prompting thousands of users to ask about the “man on the roof.”

College student Dan Lampariello told ABC News he was taking photos along the race sidelines when he happened to capture the moment one of the bombs exploded.

“I was about 200 feet from the finish line … right in front of the Mandarin Hotel. My aunt was actually running in the marathon. We were out there to cheer her on,” Lamperiello said Monday. “We thought maybe it was fireworks at first, but when we saw the second explosion we definitely knew that something was wrong.”

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