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First Trailer for 'Elysium'

A new trailer has finally come out for Elysium, the Matt Damon-starring, much-anticipated return of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.

As trailers are wont to do, it doles out the basic details of the plot: in The Future (TM), the wealthy of mankind live on an opulent space habitat called Elysium, while all the other people languish on a ruined Earth. Damon plays some dude who gets into a super-special battle suit to infiltrate Elysium and save a bunch of people on the surface. Or something. Who cares, it’s Matt Damon blowing up evil guard robots and stuff.

As pretty much everyone speculated when the earliest plot synopsis was released, the movie looks unsubtle as all get out with its illegal immigration theme. Which is not a negative at all. District 9 was anything but subtle, and it was great.

Elysium comes out August 9th (birthday movie: found). Feast your eyes on the trailer:

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