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Secret Benefits of Vegan Diet

When I first made the decision to adopt a vegan diet, many of the more “seasoned” vegans in my life told me about all the wonderful benefits I could expect. I heard that I would likely drop unwanted weight more easily, that I would have more energy and that I wouldn’t have to worry as much about things like heart disease or cancer.

Those things all sounded great, but after I went vegan, I discovered a whole world of benefits no one had ever told me about.

The first was that seemingly overnight, my skin turned from an acne-prone mess into beautiful, clear, healthy-looking skin. I had struggled with acne my entire teenage life and into my early adulthood, and to be completely honest, I had tried everything to help solve the problem. Harsh chemicals on my face, eliminating junk food, facials — the works! Little did I know my dairy habit could have been the culprit for my constantly-irritated skin. Turns out, there is a link between ditching dairy and improving your skin’s overall appearance. I wish someone had told me so I could have chucked it sooner!

The next “secret” benefit I discovered was that I slept better than ever. I have a reputation among friends and family for being able to sleep for unusually long amounts of time, but after I went vegan, I realized a lot of that was because the quality of my sleep had always been terrible. After I went vegan, I found that I was sleeping for less time each night but waking up more refreshed. Turns out, it wasn’t just me: A study on the physiological benefits of a vegan diet found that subjects who switched to eating purely plant-based reported an improvement in the quality of their sleep.

I also read some anecdotal evidence from older vegans about how they felt their diet had slowed down aging…


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