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BET Founder to Bill O’Reilly: Obama Getting a Pass From Blacks

Bob JohnsonLast week, Black Entertainment Television Founder Robert Johnson commented on the high black unemployment rate in the United States, remarking that the nation would never tolerate a white unemployment rate in the double digits.

He sat down with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly  to further elaborate, saying that President Obama is getting a pass from the black community because they have “immense pride” in the first black president, and are still “hopeful” he’ll turn things around.

Johnson explained to O’Reilly why Obama has consistently received overwhelming support among African-Americans, despite high unemployment figures.

“African-Americans have immense pride in President Obama as a president. They see it as a major accomplishment in this country and embracing an African-American leader. And they’re positive and hopeful, probably, more than anything, that his leadership will make their lives better.”

However, Johnson told O’Reilly that black unemployment has been higher than the national average for decades. O’Reilly cited statistics showing black unemployment under 8 percent in 2000, and that under Obama it has risen from 10 to 14 percent. He asserted that the “primary problem in the African-American community is out-of-wedlock birth.”

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7 thoughts on “BET Founder to Bill O’Reilly: Obama Getting a Pass From Blacks

  1. Johnson should be ashamed and the question he should ask O'Reilly why whites done hire some of the BLACKS.

  2. Johnson is speaking nothing but TRUTH but because Obama resembles us, its overlooked as with his administration war on African countries! Had this been Bush or Romney, we wouldve been called them out on it; Oh but not puppet #1 Barack! Btw, I voted for Obama in both election & would do it again givin his challengers…Have a great day!

  3. Michael John says:

    what ever, shit was already fucked before bush took office and now this man is in office and the shit has really hit the fan regarding the national debt. congressman and people alike know that their money and job is in jeopardy. folks wake up fox news and news anyways.

  4. As a buisnessman, Johnson should know better that Obama has done everything he could to lower the unemployment rate, but O'Reilly's cronies in the Republican and Tea Parties have done their utmost to stifle the recovery. everything that President Obama has done to try to stimulate the economy, which would in turn alleviate the unemployment problem, they obstruct. No president in the history of this country has has such indomitable resistance to his policies. They trash his ideas even before they are implimented. These same Republicans opposed his bailout of GM and Chrystler. Now they want to take credit forits success. So, for Johnson to say that the President has not done anything to alleviate the unemployment problemindicates that he is still angry about the fact that he supported Hillary Clinton against President Obama who defeated her. SOUR GRAPES

  5. What do you expect from TOM & the FOX NUISANCE? We have a CRAB-IN-A-BARREL mentality that goes back to slavery days of divide and conquer. Johnson was mad at President Obama since the primaries of 2008, because he had put his dolllar on Hillary Clinton. These Republicans and Tea Party people would chew her up and spit her out if she had won. I don't think she can stand up to those Tea party ogres. So, that's where Johnson is coming from. If he wanted to do something for the Black community, why did he create television that was more uplifting to black people instead of the crap that he put on BET. At least Obama is trying his best to get health care for ALL people that NO other president achieved in the past 100 years of tryoing. Do you know what cheaper health care will do for the black community. We are dying for want of affordable health.
    Oh myopia! how blind are we. Let Johnson support Hillary and I will sit out the next election.

  6. Derryck Abraham says:

    Do not sit out the next elections; your vote matters. If you do not vote then you would not be able to comment freely. Your frustration is truly noted. Have a good weekend Dave.

  7. Mickey MenKauren says:

    Blacks need to get passed this ruse. He's the jew's puppet in launching, & re launching these African race wars. More sinister is his negligence as this Ebola eventually is spread onto the Black community here. If you don't see that coming, then you'll buy anything they say. Instead of working towards separation like most immigrants who maintain their culture, language, a self reliant, & self ownership mentality WE desire to be accepted, & integrated by our blood enemies. Are we truly better off than we were 20 years ago? We are under occupation, yet love our enemies. We hate each other but love our oppressors. Obamastein has no slave blood in him, & no commonality with Blacks. Again, HOOK, LINE, & SINKER!!!

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