Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard: Good Match for iPad Mini

Someone can easily love their Apple iPad mini without being fond of typing with the on-screen keyboard. That’s where the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini comes in — it adds a physical keyboard to the tablet without adding a lot of bulk.

I have the full-size version for my iPad and I have always been pleased with it, so I expected big things of the mini version. For the most part it lives up to my expectations.

Build and Design

Logitech has created a great-looking item here. It’s very professional, and definitely a good match for the iPad mini.

The size of Apple’s tablet sets the constraints for this keyboard — you don’t want to carry around an accessory that’s wider than the computer it’s meant to be used with.

The iPad mini is, obviously, small so this add-on has to be as well. This means that there isn’t room for a full-sized set of keys like you’d have for a PC, or even a laptop. It’s about 80 percent of the size of a typical keyboard.

This might cause issues for those who have big hands, as they’re going to find this keyboard a bit cramped. But I could say the same thing about the iPad mini itself — if you have hands that are well above average in size, perhaps the full-size version of Apple’s tablet might be better for you.

To save even more space, Logitech combined the function of some keys. The only one of these I found even mildly vexing is that TAB is Fn-Q.

But not every corner was cut, not by a long shot. There’s a full row of dedicated number keys, as well as a set of directional keys. Punctuation keys are arranged just as they are in a full-size keyboard, so you won’t be hunting for the question mark.

This accessory has “ultrathin” in its name for a reason: it really is slender. It isn’t going to add a lot of bulk to your tablet when you’re carrying it around.

To further save on bulk, it connects to the iPad mini with magnets. You just put the tablet on the keyboard and they will hold themselves together. There is a small hinge along one side for a bit of extra stability…

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