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‘Cougar Town’ Season 4 Episode 13: “The Criminal Mind”

On this week’s Cougar Town season 4, episode 13 “The Criminal Mind,” inspired by The Breakfast Club, the Cul-De-Sac Crew offers insight into their innermost thoughts through voice-overs. Grayson is crushed after discovering some harsh reviews on Yelp. And Jules goes to extremes to prove she’s not a goody-two-shoes, ultimately landing herself in grocery store jail.

The Cougar Town series focuses on newly divorced mom, Jules Cobb (Courtney Cox). Set in Florida in a small town, appropriately named Cougartown, where tons of divorcees prowl looking for younger men. After spending her 20′s raising her son, a newly divorced, Jules tries to find the balance between having her 20′s in her 40′s, raising her son, dealing with her ex, running a business, and helping a host of other wonderful characters through their own trials.

Cougar Town season 4, episode 13, “The Criminal Mind,” airs Tuesday, April 1, at 10pm est on TBS. This week’s spoiler pictures below:

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