YouTube Shutting Down Operations?

It turns out that YouTube was just a big contest. According to the YouTube blog, the site, which was launched in 2005, was just a way to find the best video in the world. And today, eight years later, it is closing the competition. The site will stop taking submissions on Tuesday, April 2 at midnight and close down.

All videos will be deleted.

No more Harlem Shakes. No more Gangnam Style. No more Charlie Bit My Finger.

YouTube will start to announce the best video nominees at noon EST on April 1 via a livestreamed broadcast. While 30,000 technicians go through the YouTube submissions, a panel of judges, which includes famous YouTubers like Antoine Dodson and iJustine, will vote on the best video. The best video will be selected by 2023 when the site will relaunch.

You took note of that April 1 date, right? Yes, it also turns out that Google loves April Fools’ Day!

No, of course, YouTube, which Google bought for $1.65 billion in 2006, isn’t shutting down. But Google loves itself a good April Fool’s joke. On April 1 in years past, Google has said it was changing its name to Topeka and said it was releasing a service called Google Paper, which would send you printed copies of all your emails.

Today it also announced “Google Nose,” a search service that is powered by smell.

So, no, YouTube is not closing. But Google Reader? That’s no April Fools’ joke — the service is still shutting down in July 1. Sorry to ruin all the fun!


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