Sexy Florida Spas Make a Great Spring Break for Couples

Canyon Ranch Spa, Miami Beach

Sunseekers on spring break and families embarking on theme park vacations are well-known for flocking to Florida throughout the year. Still, there’s a steamier side to Florida’s sultry shores and sparkling blue water, one that inspires relaxation and decadence —  luxe, romantic spa treatments. Florida’s sexiest spas may open your eyes to a world of indulgent possibilities. Whether you and your partner are keen to unwind with side-by-side massages, dip naked into an oil-infused “love bath,” or drip hot wax on each other’s backs while learning ancient massage techniques, we’re sure these sexy spas will satisfy.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa
Key Biscayne

You might find your heart skip a beat as you and your partner enter the Ritz-Carlton Spa on Key Biscayne through a private entrance and are transported into a calming oasis, complete with a soothing waterfall and mango-scented candles. You’ll be hard-pressed not to rekindle romance after paying a steamy visit to the spa’s sauna, followed by time in the eucalyptus steam room and whirlpool. Lie together in the spa’s relaxation lounge chairs until you’re called to your treatment room. Couples can indulge in the spa’s signature 50-minute couple’s  Swedish massage, where you’ll be pampered in a private room, followed by glasses of complimentary wine.

Looking to turn up the heat — literally? Book a unity massage, where you and your partner will learn massage techniques from certified spa therapists in a private session, using an organic wellness candle. You’ll take turns dripping warm soy wax onto each other’s backs, applying and massaging it, while learning from the spa therapist the body’s primary massage points and stroking techniques. Take your new knowledge home together, for the massage gift that keeps on giving.

Canyon Ranch Hotel and Spa
Miami Beach

It’s a cornucopia of couples’ treatments at the Canyon Ranch Wellness Spa in Miami. The 70,000-square-foot space may be Florida’s largest spa, but it seamlessly manages to create a well-heeled vibe of decadent privacy for couples indulging in their spa fantasies. The spa has devised an array of treatments incorporating ancient, traditional and modern spa therapies, such as the Turkish hammam bath ritual and de-stress chakra ritual. Still, couples should opt for one of the divine couples-only treatments, like the Mindlink Couples Relaxation Therapy, in which duos receive side-by-side massages on paired sound tables that allow both your brainwaves to resonate to the same calming soundscape.

For something a little more, er, touchy-feely, indulge in the ultra-moisturizing treatment for two. You’ll each receive a light exfoliation with a loofah scrub, followed by a relaxing body massage. Next, it’s off to your private steam room where you and your partner will apply muds to each other’s bodies as steam fills the room. Once the muds have infused your skin, a gentle rain will wash it from your bodies. Knowing you’ll likely be all hot and bothered at this point, the spa offers you a cooling elixir to sip as a parting touch.

Spa Terre at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa
Little Torch Key

Imagine a remote, private island resort and spa so exclusive it can only be reached by seaplane or boat; a place where your every desire for pampering and passion is handily met. If you think such an uber-luxe getaway can only be found in the far reaches of Tahiti or the Maldives, think again. Florida’s answer to those ultra-exclusive island destinations is Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, a pristine, 5.5-acre island where you and your partner will be transported worlds away from hustle and bustle.

When it’s time to turn the rest and relaxation up a notch, guests head straight to Spa Terre, where you and your partner will be pampered together quite literally from head to toe, with an assortment of couples’ treatments. Guests are greeted by the spa’s sleek and sexy interior that neatly incorporates traditions of East and West. Crystal chandeliers will dazzle, while the spa’s Indonesian teak furnishings offer a soothing vibe. Still, you and your partner may prefer to spice things up in the spa’s exterior, which features a 3-walled bathhouse with retractable roof, open in the evening — an ideal spot to slip away for a dip, sip champagne and eye the stars. Enjoy a special spa treatment for two, such as the Javanese royal treatment, an epic experience that includes a Balinese massage with jasmine-scented oil, a rice-and-turmeric skin scrub followed by an application of warm, moisturizing yogurt. You’ll then shower and cap off this incredible treatment by slipping into an exotic flower petal bath.

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