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Sir Shadow Turns Graffiti Into Homage to Jazz

Sir Shadow piece captured by Jaime Rojo.

Sir Shadow piece captured by Jaime Rojo.

With much respect to the Jazz Age and the musical heritage of New York that still boasts a huge number of jazz musicians, events and venues, artist Sir Shadow plays alongside the aerosol tags with his one-liners in the East Village. Using a technique known to many a graffiti writer, the artist makes the piece without lifting his marker off the wall until he has finished it.

It is a welcome and melodious play of the line when you happen upon something new, something unexpected like this on the street, and unusual to find a small series of pieces all at once. The musicians who Sir Shadow depicts are jamming out or performing solo, providing the score and the mood, taking the stage or setting it, working in a sort of collaborative balance with the graffiti writer, the tagger; both styles proudly their own, a street combo without beef and in harmony.

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