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Mariah Carey Adds To The Fake ‘Natural Beauty’ Photos Trend ?

Mariah Carey fake no makeup photo Mariah Carey has become only the latest celebrity to post a photo that was immediately donned as a makeup free photo to showcase her natural beauty.

The new “American Idol” judge posted a picture to Instagram with her holding an adorable stuffed lamb in honor of all her fans which she has deemed as “lambs.”

(We’re not going to discuss the implications of her calling her fans lambs in this article… that’s for another day.)

Anyway, the photo has earned the powerhouse songstress headlines all over the web due to her shocking natural beauty now that she has flaunted her face without any makeup.

Mariah Carey no makeup photo not so makeup free after all The caption under the natural beauty pic reads, “Love to all the lambily!!!! #WWLD.”

So at least we know she isn’t the one trying to insist that it’s a makeup free photo because quite honestly, we don’t think it is.

While it certainly is much less makeup than she usually wears for her TV appearances, it seems like there is a possibility that the natural beauty shot might be a natural makeup shot instead.

Even some of her very own fans aren’t sure what to think.

“I luv like LOVE MC but i kno my beauty prodcts [sic] & that’s not natural,” one fan tweeted along with a repost of the picture that started the web wide frenzy.

Another fan wrote, “I’m not saying Mariah is lying but #Bareminerals.”

Nicki Minaj shares photo of real hair on twitter Either way, you can’t deny the fact that M.C is absolutely gorgeous which is why we don’t understand why the picture was such a shock in the first place.

What is a little funny, however, is that it seems like Mariah and her formal arch nemesis and co-judge on “American Idol” have more in common than they think.

Nicki Minaj also tried to put her hat into the natural beauty craze by posting a twit pic of her “real hair.”

Needless to say, the lambs, the Barbz, and most of the Twitterverse weren’t biting.

The pic didn’t reveal Nicki’s face at all and just revealed long black hair cascading down a woman’s back.

Let the floodgates of Twitter criticism open!

“So of all the fake things on Nicki, the one thing that’s real is her hair,” one user tweeted. “I don’t buy it.”

A self proclaimed Barb even felt like the hip hop star was trying to pull one over on her.

“Miss Barbie! I can spot weave a mile away n dhis a close up; need i say more,” the tweet read followed by the hashtag “#flex.”

Kim Kardashian caught with no makeup Even both of these beautiful ladies were late to the trend, however, because Kim Kardashian beat them to the punch.

Kimmy K has been known to post photos to Instagram and claim that they are makeup free and all natural, but when photographers snapped a pic of Kanye’s girl without makeup the pictures didn’t add up.

Kim’s Instagrams photos looked flawless, while the paparazzi’s version of natural Kim was still pretty… just certainly not the camera ready face that was all over social media.

So whether Mariah is trying to pass this off as an all natural pic isn’t clear because she never made the claim herself, but we’ll be going over this photo with a magnifying glass before we’re ready to believe it.

Makeup or not, however, the 43-year-old who just celebrated her birthday on Wednesday has certainly found a secret tap to the fountain of youth.


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