Tips to Stay Fit During Winter

The winter season poses a challenge for staying true to a fitness regime.  Once the weather outside has turned cold and there is an icy chill in the air and even snow many people decide to just let go of their jogging or walking routines in favor of some type of indoor exercise.  Holiday celebrations and school vacations loom large as valid reasons to break with all the good fitness habits that had been working well and the daylight hours become so short that that it seems like there is even less spare time to devote to staying healthy.  Courage; this is the time to be even more vigilant about staying healthy and keeping up with your diet and fitness programs.

Step 1: Stay the Course

Stay right on course with all your diet and fitness regimes no matter how enticing it might be to just quit them until the first day of Spring arrives.  Joining a health club or a gym can help by providing easy access to indoor exercise equipment, swimming pools and sauna rooms.  When the weather outside turns frightful it can be just plain delicious to disappear into a sauna, relax in the steam and spend time warming so much more than your “holiday heart.”

Step 2: Play Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Winter streets are often icy and snow covered.  Morning and evening hours have turned cold and dark in the outside world.  To keep your heart rate up and your blood pressure down you are probably going to have to switch to playing indoor sports.  Having sex with your partner can use up a lot of calories and elevate your mood all day long.  Reaching your goal of getting and keeping a great self and body image can be strongly supported just by curling up in front of a crackling fire with a glass of wine, a holiday cookie and a copy of the latest diet book.

Step 3: Shovel that Snow by Hand

OK, you’ve once again vowed to repent your unhealthy ways, and last night, as though the universe could read your mind, twelve inches of wet, heavy, snow blanketed the streets and completely buried your car.  See this as an opportunity to burn calories and get a free workout.  Pick up that square aluminum shovel, cover it with some surf board wax and have at it!  Feel the burn in your knees, your back and shoulders as you lift and throw that frozen white stuff up and over again and again.

The snow drifts grow higher and higher as will your heart rate and the fingers safe inside your mitten covered hands will turn to icicles that will match your ice block toes.  Its fun and even the kids can get into it.  They’ve built a snow man that is wearing your warm scarf and your colorful knit hat…

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