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Malcolm Jamal Warner Split, Leaves Ex Regina King ‘Brokenhearted’

Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Regina King have split after two years of dating, and inside sources are revealing that King is still quite “brokenhearted” over the break up.

One of Hollywood’s most adorable couples is no more and it seems like Theo Huxtable is the one to blame.

Reportedly Malcolm Jamal was the cause for the break up after claiming that something just didn’t feel right anymore.

“He said he wasn’t feeling it anymore,” the source said.

As for the 42-year-old mother of one, it has turned out to be quite a harsh blow.

“She’s still very brokenhearted,” the source added.

Reports are revealing that the 42-year-old “Reed Between the Lines” actor asked his former girlfriend and her son from a previous marriage to move out.

There aren’t many details on what exactly went wrong in the relationship and since the couple were pretty private about their love life it’s likely there are major pieces of the story that the media is missing.

“We like to protect what we have because it’s very special and very precious… But I will say that it’s a relationship that makes all the sense in the world,” Warner told BET back in 2011.

The break up is a surprise for most considering the fact that the two child stars seemed like they were made for each other.

“Malcolm and I have a lot in common,” King told Essence in January of 2011. “We’ve both been child actors and were also blessed to be raised by incredible mothers who instilled good values in us. Things are maturing nicely.”

At one point, the two were so in love that rumors of an engagement began springing up in the tabloids despite both of the stars denying the allegations.

Despite the lack of details over the breakup, we’re speculating that there is a chance Warner has some minor commitment issues.

After seven and a half years of dating, he never tied the knot with actress Karen Malina White.

He also dated Michelle Thomas, who played his girlfriend Justine on “The Cosby Show,” and was at her bedside when she passed away in 1998.

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