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Outraged Man Interrupts Kansas City Mayor’s State of the City Speech

jamesKansas City Mayor Sly James was interrupted during his State of the City speech Monday by an outraged man who rushed the stage. Derron Black, who unsuccessfully campaigned for Missouri House last year, charged the stage just minutes into the 15-page address. Black took the podium from James and insulted the mayor before he was tackled to the ground by security.

“This man just got through talking about exactly what the (expletive) he ain’t (expletive) did,” Black told the audience at Kansas City’s Gem Theatre.

James, a former marine, waited for security to force Black off the stage before continuing, earning applause from the crowd for his calm demeanor. Prior to the disruption, James had been addressing the city’s successes in the past year and the growth of its public image.

“It’s unfortunate that we have people who feel that somehow we have left them behind. I don’t blame him for whatever feelings he wanted to express. I do have a small problem with the method,” James said before returning to his prepared remarks. “But no system is perfect, no city is perfect. We must be open to the concepts and issues and complaints.”

The mayor later thanked his security detail on Twitter, saying that it was the second time he was saved from harm. The previous incident occurred at the Country Club Plaza in 2011, where gunfire broke out.

“I am deeply grateful my security detail, Marlon and Casey, that is now twice when my security detail has saved me from harm. #lovemesomeKCPD,” James posted.

Black was reportedly upset with Third District Councilman Jermaine Reed’s failure to attend city meetings. Local station KCTV did not specify why Black targeted James. The station reported that other witnesses had seen at least one other outburst from Black at a past political event.

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