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Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser Engaged

Sayy whaaat? The Gilmore Girls star, Alexis Bledel 31, is getting hitched to none other than Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, 33.

The two met on the set of Mad Men last year. Bledel played a sultry and lonely housewife who woos Kartheiser’s notoriously sleazy character, Pete Campbell. Their affair is smoldering, but short-lived yet Pete Campbell can’t seem to keep her out of his head. Seems as though that’s true in real life too!

Both Beldel and Kartheiser have a history of dating on screen love interests. Bledel dated Gilmore Girls co-star  Milo Ventimiglia for a few years, while Kartheiser dated his The Hairy Bird co-star Rachael Leigh Cook for a few months.

According to Us Weekly, Vincent proposed to Alexis weeks ago but have just decided to break the news. Apparently the rock is “huge”, but she has yet to debut it.

Neither actor is necessarily A-list status, but between Mad Men and Gilmore Girls both have been involved in very successful long running TV shows. Hopefully Alexis fares better than Vincent’s TV wife, played by Allison Brie, because Pete Campbell constantly strays from his marriage. Hello, that’s how he met Bledel’s character in the first place!

Oh and in case you’ve been wondering, Mad Men returns on April 7th. Don’t miss out on your chance to see Pete, Don, Joan, Peggy, Betty and all of the other iconic characters you’ve been missing since last summer!

Best of luck to the happy pair, hopefully you’re able to escape the Hollywood couple curse!



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