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Michael Jordan Paternity Case Dropped For Child’s Sake ?

Pam smith drops paternity suit against Michael Jordan It’s barely been a week since news about the Michael Jordan paternity case hit the web and now Pamela Smith is already dropping the case.

Smith was suing the NBA legend for paternity and child support for her 16-year-old son that she swore belonged to Jordan, but just as quickly as the cast got started it came to a suspicious close.

She had just urged the courts to force MJ to take a paternity test and she even claimed that she wasn’t as interested in having the money as she was in her son knowing the truth.

“My son has the right to know who his father is,” she told reporters after her court hearing a few days ago. “He has had an issue with it over the years.”

We aren’t sure how or why, but her opinion on her son knowing the truth by any means necessary has changed drastically.

Mrs. Smith filed legal documents in Georgia that requested that the judge drop all the charges against her alleged baby daddy.

The storm may not be over yet, however. The case was dropped without prejudice which means she could easily spark the case up again if she wanted to – but of course if she did that she would have some serious explaining to do about why she dropped the case the first time around.

Her decision to drop the case did cause people to question just how confident she was in her allegations.

Sudden turn in Michael Jordan paternity suit Was she afraid that Jordan would turn out not to be the father of her son thus tarnishing her reputation and possibly exposing her son to some negative effects as well? Or maybe she reached an agreement with the basketball star outside of court?

According to TMZ, the case was dropped strictly for the benefit of Pam’s teenage son.

“Dismissal at this time, without prejudice, is in her son’s best interests,” Pam’s attorney, Randy Kessler, advised.

Kessler didn’t elaborate on what about the case was against the son’s best interest either. So what led Kessler to that conclusion?

It’s possible that Jordan’s alleged teenage son opened up to Kessler about the case and revealed that it was causing problems for him.

It’s also possible that for some reason the allegations led to bullying or mocking at school… after all we all know how idiotic teenagers can be in high school.

While the real reason behind the dropped case isn’t exactly clear, Jordan is free to tie the knot with his fiancé without adding a baby mamma to the mix.

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  1. hot mess is all I have to say.

  2. Mike, be very careful and don't get yourself into any baby mama drama. You are a married man now.

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