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Mark Burnett Blames the Real Devil for Obama Satan Look-a-Like

Satan actor looks like President Obama Mark Burnett claims that the only reason Satan is an Obama look-a-like in his show “The Bible” is because the real devil is trying to distract us from hearing about Jesus.

People were up in arms when they caught a glimpse of Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni playing Satan in “The Bible” on the History Channel because he looked eerily similar to President Obama.

The Twitterverse exploded and insisted that this was someone’s sly way of bashing the president and comparing him to being the devil.

Well Burnett agrees that there are some sly, evil forces at work but it’s not because of his own doing and it certainly isn’t him trying to express his political opinion.

He simply wanted to have the nation talking about Jesus but the devil is doing anything his power to stop that.

So how did the devil prevent us from hearing the message in the show?

Did he force TVs across the globe to turn off? Did he create some havoc at the time the show aired that would draw everyone’s attention to Mark Burnett blames the devil for ruining The Bibleanother channel? Maybe he even caused the entire show’s producers to go bankrupt?

No… he made the character look like the President so that nobody would talk about Jesus anymore. Perfectly rational explanation.

Now please excuse our dramatic eye roll and muffled laughter.

Burnett told TMZ that he is a very religious man and apparently the devil is out to get him and his show.

When last night’s episode was supposed to show a face-to-face meeting of Jesus and the devil, the real devil stepped in to create a false likeness that would be enough to turn viewers away from the show or watch with disdain.

He even has more proof that the devil was just trying to ruin this one episode.

The same actor starred as Satan before and nobody hit the show with tons of backlash, but in this particular episode nobody could ignore the actor’s close resemblance to the POTUS.

“What could be more annoying to Satan than talking about Jesus,” he asked.

Mark Burnett blames devil for making Obama look like Satan actor Luckily, he has faith that the show’s message will still be received by the masses and Satan’s powers won’t be able to over power “the light.”

“We believe in the light,” he added.

It is interesting that this it he first time there was such outcry over the actor when it wasn’t his first appearance on the show, but perhaps the idea of a Satan vs. Jesus face off attracted much more viewers than the previous episode of the devil in the Garden of Eden.

Either way people are still blowing the resemblance just a tad bit out of a proportion by using it as “proof” that Obama really is the anti-Christ.

Yes, the answer to who the anti-Christ is laid in the hands of Mark Burnett and “The Bible” casting crew this entire time. Who knew?

If you ask Burnett’s wife, however, it’s the media who should be blamed for distracting the world from talking about Jesus rather than Satan.

“Both Mark and I have nothing but respect and love our president, who is a fellow Christian,” Roma Downey said. “False statements such as these are just designed as a foolish distraction to try and discredit the beauty of the story of the Bible.”

She then added a tweet which read, “Media – relax.”


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  1. Marylou Hess says:

    Mark Burnett go back to England you satan worshiper. How dare you portray the freely elected President of the United States as the devil. You are the evil one who will be burning in hell for all eternity.

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