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5 Toys To Boost Your Child’s Development

Child Coloring BookToys are a great part of a child’s development, as children learn a lot through play. It is important for parents to get their children toys that foster different kinds of learning. Art supplies, books, pretend play objects and construction toys can enhance abilities in a child. Here are the top 5 toys for all round child development.

1. Coloring Books: Coloring is a creative activity that brings out the child’s imagination and improves fine motor skills. When the child grasps crayons and pencils, the muscles in the fingers and hands are strengthened. Learning to hold the pencil can be a great milestone for any child. Children can also learn about rules when they color and try to stay within the lines. Getting your child some art supplies and coloring books can open a whole world of creativity for them.

2. Building Blocks: These toys can improve hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. They also stimulate a child’s imagination and allow her to create whatever she can imagine. A lot of different types of building blocks are available commercially. You can get your child small blocks, large wooden blocks or foam and plastic blocks, depending on your child’s age and development needs. Some of these blocks are educational. You can get your child blocks with alphabets or numerals and they will learn while they play.

3. Construction Sets: If you want to encourage imaginative play, giving your child a construction set can be the perfect way to do it. Construction sets can be used for individual or group play. These sets encourage children to learn group play, sharing and taking turns. Children also learn more about toys and what they do when they are able to create different things with them. There are a lot of different kinds of building blocks available commercially…

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