Jason Sudeikis And Charlie Day Team Up For 'One Night On The Hudson'

Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day will star in the cop comedy One Night on the Hudson, while Seth Gordon is on board to direct.

One Night on the Hudson follows a veteran cop who’s paired with a fresh faced rookie and it happens to be  his first day on the job. The pair’s only real task is to trasport a federal witness from New Jersey to New York, but everything goes awry along the way. As seen on The Hollywood Reporter, there’s no news yet on which actor will be playing the rookie and who will be the vet. It’s really a toss up since both actors are the same age.

The soon to be Mrs. Olivia Wilde-Sudeikis. Suffice it to say Sudeikis is one lucky man.

Sudeikis and Day are no strangers. The pair first acted together in Going The Distance where they played bumbling best friends to Justin Long’s character. They teamed up again in Horrible Bosses, only this time they landed the starring roles, with Jason Bateman completing their comedy trifecta.

The two actors have very successful solo careers so far, but aren’t necessarily mainstream just yet. Charlie Day currently stars on FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and is known for his hilariously high pitched voice. Jason Sudeikis is Saturday Night Lives’ current golden child and recently announced his engagement to smoking hot actress Olivia Wilde. There’s no doubt Sudeikis and Day will be household names in no time.

Sudeikis and Day cater their comedy to a specific demographic, typically  young, raunchy males (hence why many of you might have been asking “who??” at the start of this article.) While I’m not a raunchy young male, I still find both Day and Sudeikis irresistibly funny and look forward to their newest endeavor.

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