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You Can Take in Nevis, St. Kitts by Bike and Hike

Dry pastureland sprawls across the slopes of the hill while prickly plants and cotton trees fill both sides of the trail.

On our left lies the dramatic coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, its dark blue waters lapping onto the empty shores of the island. To the right, Mount Nevis looms overhead, reaching over 3,500 feet above sea level, casting a shadow on us.

Clustered around the foothills of the mountain are acres of lush rainforests and pastureland where livestock roam and curious travelers like us wander.

We are on the Caribbean island of Nevis, just two miles from St Kitts, yet a world away. In contrast to the lush tropical vegetation of St Kitts, Nevis is sprinkled with brown arid terrain and dry farm lands.

Wearing a professional biking gear and a warm smile, Greg is a friendly and outdoor-loving Nevisian who’s more than happy to show visitors a different side to Nevis. Hearing an American accent, he tells me that he’d spent over a decade in Texas and came home to Nevis in 2007.

When I asked why he’d decided to return, he pointed out to the view before us, “This is why! Look how beautiful this is.”

Indeed, the view of the crashing waves and rolling hills was what drew us to St. Kitts and Nevis in the first place. Both islands are packed with unspoiled nature.

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  1. to beautiful islands indeed.

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