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High-Tech Sex Toys: Facetime Gets a Whole Lot More Interesting

The “world’s first Internet-enabled sex toy” is shipping at the end of the month. Soon, Zeus and Hera will be able to satisfy and be satisfied, even when continents apart.

Can be far behind?

The high-tech sex toys first saw the light of day late last year, when the LovePalz project was rejected by Kickstarter. The concept is pretty simple: Each partner has one device — Zeus for men, Hera for women — and applies it to certain body parts as needed. Then motion-sensing technology in Zeus senses physical action — speed, pressure, and more — and communicates to Hera over the internet, and vice versa, and simulates a real-life connection in real-time.

Which means, for those who are into that sort of thing, a long-distance relationship can get a lot more … personal.

According to Forrester, the top 15 emerging technologies include next-generation sensors and user interfaces, advanced collaboration, smart products, and systems of engagement. This  may not be what in mind while compiling the list.

LovePalz says the rechargeable toys will work with any smartphone or desktop computer over WiFi.

The company has taken 5,000 pre-orders already for the $189 devices — $378 for a set of two — and since Feb. 28, when the company opened up payment capability, 1,800 have already pre-paid.

Starting now, the company says, “toys will no longer be for single use by one person but a fun tool you and your lover can use together.”

It’s a brave new world.

Source: VentureBeat

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