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Mila Kunis' Ridiculously Charming BBC Interview.

First Jennifer Lawrence stole our hearts with her adorable GIF-tastic performance during the awards season. She undeniably swept the entire awarts circuit and earned her place as every girl’s imaginary BFF. While the hype surrounding JLaw is still going strong, the women of the world might just have a new bestie to add to their make-believe celebrity clique.

Mila Kunis simply shines in her interview with an awkward, bumbling BBC Radio 1 reporter. The actress is clearly burnt out discussing her new role in Oz The Great and Powerful, which due out later this week. She’s probably done hundreds of interviews, discussing the same thing over and over again so it’s a real breath of fresh air when Chris Stark goes completely off topic.

The BBC reporter is visibly nervous about being in the same room as the exotic, beautiful, and charming young actress. SHE ends up calming him down by asking a few questions of her own. We quickly learn that Stark’s drink of choice is a modified Jaeger bomb, which he calls a “Light Bulb.” The quirky interviewer continues rambling and the duo discuss football, chicken, and even potential wedding dates. Oh and after some prodding from the producer, they do briefly discuss Oz the Great and Powerful, but veer off topic in no time.

Watch for yourself how Kunis charms the pants off of this reporter and subsequently anyone with access to a computer.

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