3 Healthy Lunch Ideas

Breakfast may be the most important meal, but lunch is another chance to set the tone for the day. Make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure with these tips to revamp the midday meal and make it the healthiest it can be.

  1. Construct a healthier sandwich: A sandwich may be a fast and convenient lunch option, but what goes into your sandwich should be carefully planned. Load up on veggies, swap out mayo for hummus or a different lower-calorie spread, and use whole-grain bread. Use these smart tips to save calories on your sandwich.
  2. Add some greens: Most people don’t eat enough vegetables, so adding a few greens to your lunch is an easy way to fill up and get the nutrients you need without too many calories. Whether you’re bringing leftovers from last night’s dinner or opting for takeout, make sure your lunch includes veggies (stick to raw or steamed to keep the calorie count low).
  3. Stay full: You may think that your can of thin soup is a healthy move, but if your lunch leaves you starving just minutes later, you can become susceptible to chowing down on a less-healthy afternoon snack. Make sure your lunch contains a good balance of protein and fiber to help you feel satisfied for longer. Throw in a piece of fruit with your lunch for added fiber and add a cup of yogurt for protein (try a Chobani Bite in dark chocolate; they’re the perfect size for a small sweet treat at the end of your lunch)…

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