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'Grey's Anatomy' Alumna Chyler Leigh To Star In NBC Comedy

Chlyer Leigh is jumping from one plane crash to another. Leigh’s character, Lexie Grey, was killed off of Grey’s Anatomy in a tragic plane crash last May. Now, about a year later, she will be the victim of another plane crash – only this time she actually walks away.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leigh is set to star in the new NBC series, Holding Patterns. Believe it or not this new series revolving around survivors of a plane crash is supposedly a comedy. Leigh plays Leah an incredibly smart and witty young woman, who doesn’t apply herself and lacks any sense of career motivation. After she survives the plane crash her life changes dramatically.

It’s exciting to hear that Leigh will be back on primetime TV. She was always a fun breath of fresh air on Grey’s Anatomy. Lexie Grey’s unexpected death was one of the most tragic death’s of a Seattle Grace resident since George O’Malley’s bus accident back in 2009. The show just isn’t the same without her and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), who also departed after the 8th season.

Her most successful credits have been on drama series, like Grey’s, The Practice, and Girls Club. She tried comedy for a hot minute on the short-lived sitcom That 80’s Show, hopefully for her sake, Leigh has more comedic luck with Holding Patterns. 


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