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Parenting Advice to Remember and Practice

mother father sonMoms and dads in 2013 have an ever-expanding network of family, friends, Facebook friends, friends-of-kinda-sorta-friends, and total strangers to crowd-source ideas for getting through your latest dilemma. While this can be a recipe for information overload, sometimes you get that laser-focused advice or perfectly timed Facebook message that puts things into perspective. So we asked experts, celebrities, and (of course you to send us the best piece of advice you ever got. You’re gonna want to hit the share button on these.


Potty Training

When they say “I’m a big girl” or “I don’t want to wear diapers anymore,” stop what you’re doing and head right to the store to let them pick out new underwear. If you wait, the moment will have passed. —Kim Graham-Nye, co-founder, gDiapers

Take them to the bathroom every 30 minutes, and go straight to undies. —Kristina B., via Facebook

In the bathroom, we put up a colorful “Potty I Did It!” chart with stickers that they picked out. When they went in the potty, they placed a sticker on the chart. If they got four stickers, they could choose either a trip to Menchie’s yogurt, a book from Barnes & Noble, or a trip to the mall’s indoor playground (their fave). It was hit and miss at first, and then highly effective. —Tori Spelling, actress and author

Raising Good Kids

At the White House, no matter what’s going on, at 6:30 p.m. we stop everything and have dinner together as a family. It creates good teaching moments, when something that might otherwise sound like a lecture becomes a nice conversation around the dinner table. —Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States

Character isn’t something you teach to your kids. It’s something you show them. Not in some epic moment of your life, but in the sum of your daily actions. Want a good kid? Be a good adult. —Kelly Combs, blogger,

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