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‘Scandal’: Here’s The Recap of All Recaps


Scandal, the hottest show on television just got hotter, if you can believe that. So much packed into an hour show. Missed it or just want to relive it? Here you go, in order of how it transpired Thursday night on ABC:

* David is paranoid that he is being followed, that perhaps the same person that killed Wendy while he slept is looking to do him next. And he’s right.

* Capt. Jake Ballard, arrogant and overconfident, waits impatiently for Olivia Pope, who shows up late for their dinner date. He fires off a series of smart-alec remarks, takes two glasses and a bottle of wine and whisks her to the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. Olivia takes an urgent call and cuts the “date” short. (Read here on how Kerry Washington can change the face of magazines.)

* President Fitz will be in the Betty Ford clinic soon, he’s drinking so much. He’s drinking like a thirsty fish. Millie is so wrapped up in trying to stay connected to him that she doesn’t even notice — or dare to say anything. POTUS is worried about the hostage situation.

* Strutting into the Oval Office is none other than Jake, who, it turns out, is an old friend of POTUS who has been hired by the President to spy on the President’s old mistress. Which begs a question: If it’s over, as he told Olivia after their electrical room sex romp last week, why does he have this guy watching her?

* Olivia’s team talks so fast about finding the mole that it’s a distraction.

* Jake has a thing for Olivia. It’s not just about spying. His report to Fitz: “I’m happy to do any favor you ask… She’s good, quiet. Makes my job easy.” POTUS has not let Jake know why he’s having her watched, that it is personal, but he cannot help throwing out bits of information that says he knows her. Then Fitz says, “Olivia Pope is not what she seems… She’s not a good person… not the way you think… Stay on her.”

* A new client comes on board for Olivia, the Caldwells, and they apparently are a version of the Kennedys. Sen. Peter Caldwell from Indiana visits the office and wants to get his younger brother, Will, in the governor’s office. One problem: Will has no girlfriend at all and is thought to be gay. So, Olivia explains she and her team have to find him a “fake wife” because “you can’t elect a gay governor in red state… Single guy without anyone… (voters) don’t trust it.” So, they set out to find Will a wife.

* Huck stinks all to high hell and no one will tell him. Dude simply will not take a shower. Meanwhile, David and Amy, after all their drama, get wild and crazy on the desk at his place.

* The president is angry. “Eat at your desk, don’t sleep or go home until you unearth this guy (the mole),” he tells his staff. Then they watch in horror as terrorists behead a hostage. Not good.

* Jake, while watching a dejected Olivia via a hidden camera, calls her and asks for a second date. She’s not hearing it. “I don’t date,” she says, and hangs up on him. To his credit, when she’s about to undress, Ballard turns off the camera.

* Cyrus tells Millie that America wants a response from the president on the hostage beheading. “Blood for blood,” Cyrus says to Millie.

* It’s raining while Huck sits a in car looking after David and has a panic attack about the torture he endured when folks thought he shot the president, so much so that he does not answer the phone when David calls him.

* First fake wife for Will Caldwell backs out… U.S. strikes back with drones that the press calls a “much-needed show of strength.” Fitz gives his wife credit for telling him to make the strike. Cyrus is not happy.

* David jacks up Molly, who was following him at school. She claims she saw a man with Wendy the night she was killed and is worried he will kill her, too.

* A woman in the country struck by drones called the president unfit after the death of innocent people. Millie wants to help, and Cyrus does what he does best: He set her up for failure.

* Olivia shows up at Caldwell gala in a banging white dress with black side panel. A D.C. newspaper gets tip that Will Caldwell’s wife is fake. Olivia tells Harrison: “Shut this down.”

* Cy sets up Millie by allowing a reporter access to a phone call the first lady makes to victims of the air strikes. She thinks she’s helping; Cyrus knows the president will lose it when he learns about it.

* Olivia, while being watched by the president at the Caldwell event, smiles like a school girl while talking to Jake on the phone, and Fitz is  jealous.

* Not sure what Harrison did to shut down story… he speaks so fast. But you could hear that a Caldwell family member gave the newspaper the story. Olivia put it together that Will is  having an affair with his senator brother’s wife and finds them kissing. She preaches to him, but could have been talking to herself: “Will, end it, now.” Will: “I can’t it’s too late. I love her… We denied it for months. Next thing you know you’re having sex in a coat closet at your brother’s engagement party.”  Olivia: “You’re frozen in time, a statue, holding your breathing waiting for something that will not happen… Stolen moments are not a life, so you have nothing. End it now.”

* Finally, Huck is told that he stinks and that people who have been waterboarded fear rain and showers. Huck insists he’ll be OK — and won’t stink — when the rain stops.

* President blows up at the wife over her phone call. Cyrus’ plan works and POTUS listens to his advice and shuns the first lady. Cy seems to be back in.

* Turns out, the brother knows his brother is sleeping with his wife. And he will not do anything about it “because my brother’s crazy enough to fight me for her.” In other words, he’d rather his wife sleep with him and his brother rather than sully the family name. Deep. Or sick.

* Molly identifies who she thinks is Wendy’s killer — the director of the CIA. Wow.

* Fitz senses Olivia is dating someone and asks Jake about it. “Who’s the guy?” the president demands. Jake lies because he’s the guy. “There is no guy. She’s not seeing anyone.”

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