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Constance Zimmer Joins HBO's 'The Newsroom'

Actress Constance Zimmer is in high demand these days.

Zimmer rocks the power suit

Zimmer just landed an arc on the sophomore season of HBO’s The Newsroom. The actress will portray a press spokesperson for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. She’s no stranger to HBO, Zimmer had a recurring role on Entourage as Ari Gold’s on-again, off-again flame and Warner Brothers executive Dana Gordon from 2005-2011.

Even though Entourage wrapped two years ago, Zimmer is still all over television. You might recognize the actress as Janine Skorsky, a Washington Post editor on the new Netflix series, House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. Or perhaps you’ve seen her roaming the halls of Seattle Grace hospital on Grey’s Anatomy where she portrays Dr. Alana Cahill, an administrator tasked with revamping and selling the hospital.

After her performances on Entourage, Grey’s and House of Cards we know the actress looks stellar in a suit and can get super sassy, so her new role as a press person on on Newsroom should be second nature. Fingers crossed for a throw down with the infamous hard ass news anchor, Will MacAvoy (Jeff Daniels).


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