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CBS Pilot 'Second Sight' Has Their Sights Set On Jason Lee

Former leading man My Name is Earl star, Jason Lee, has a new role to fill in prime time. Lee is set to play the lead in the upcoming drama for CBS titled Second Sight. 

The show is based on the British series with the same title that aired in early 2000. According to Deadline, Second Sight is described as a Gothic psychological thriller that is centered around a man named Tanner (played by Lee), who is the lead detective with the New Orleans Police Department who has a secret he is hiding. Tanner has an ocular disorder that causes him to have heavy hallucinations and anxiety dreams. Obviously a bit alarmed by these frightening dreams he seeks medical help and the doctor tells him that he will lose all eye sight eventually. Tanner sees these hallucination as a possible way to connect to the subconscious.

During the sitcom’s original airing across the pond, Clive Owen played the role of Tanner.

The show is still under consideration from the network. We’ll see this Fall how audiences take to a hallucinating detective.

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