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Obsessed Chris Brown Fan Gives Rihanna A Bloody Knee

Rihanna was out partying with her girls this weekend when a crazed fan began yelling at her about Chris Brown and finally tossing a bottle at the Bajan beauty leaving her with a bloody knee.

Chris Brown fans have been known to be a little… what’s the nice way to say this… obsessive. Yea we’ll go with that.

Many members of Team Breezy have proven time and time again that their loyalty to the R&B bad boy is undying and some young ladies have even taken to Twitter to express that they love Brown so much that the would have no problem with him beating their face in. Disgusting right?

Well apparently their loyalty doesn’t just cause them to want to accept abuse from Brown himself, it also means they’re willing to inflict harm on others in the name of Breezy himself.

The “Diamonds” songstress has been on and off with her lover as usual and ignored him just days after rumors sparked that Rihanna and Chris Brown were engaged. Well this fan didn’t like that so when they spotted RiRi at The Box nightclub the fan didn’t hesitate to hurl a bottle of Lucozade at the songstress.

Eye witnesses to the incident claim that the bottle was thrown only after the fan “screamed at [Rihanna] about Chris Brown.”

Luckily, the bottle missed its target but the “Pour it up” songstress managed to fall against a shop shutter and graze her knee in the midst of the chaos.

From the photos, the injury didn’t look too serious and Chris’s lover was just fine dabbing it with a tissue as she made her way out of the club. While the cut definitely looked tiny on camera Media Take Out reported that she received medical attention immediately after she left. Of course, whenever we use information from Media Take Out it’s only right that we remind you it is one of the most unreliable sites when it comes to celebrity news. We are aware, however, that some people just have lower standards for what is considered “medical attention.”

If someone just looked at the womb and sprayed it with some Neosporin and slapped a Band-Aid on it we’re not likely to call that “medical attention,” but technically someone else could see it that way. Either way, the songstress is just fine and will probably be tweeting about the mess along with a few pictures of Breezy kissing her knee or something like that.

Now the real question is: Did anyone else picture Karrueche Tran in a costume throwing bottles at Rihanna chanting “throw it up throw it up”?

Mary J Blige is in Financial Hot Water After $900,000 Tax Lien

Mary J. Blige just seems to be another celeb who can’t quite get ahead. Mary’s finances took another serious blow after she was hit with a tax lien of about $901,769.65 in New Jersey.

As if that isn’t enough financial problems for one person to handle, the 42-year-old R&B star has been receiving hit after hit when it comes to financial woes.

The Huffington Post recalled some of her latest financial tragedies:

The “No More Drama” songstress was just sued earlier this month for allegedly defaulting on a $500,000 bank loan. According to the lawsuit filed by Bank of America in New York State Supreme Court, Blige took out the loan in 2005 and stopped making re-payments in June 2012.

Plus in Nov. 2012, Blige and her husband Martin Isaacs were hit with another lawsuit after they failed to pay off a $2.2 million bank loan. According to court documents filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Signature Bank is seeking to recoup the original loan plus $58,000 in interest.

TMZ also reported that Mary, along with the Steve Stout Foundation for the Advancement of Women, was allegedly mishandling money and cheating scholarship students. She was hit with another lawsuit for $250,000 that she allegedly never paid back on a loan.

Katy Perry’s Ring Sparks Engagement Rumors

Did John Mayer put a ring on it!?

That’s what everyone was asking after Perry stepped out on Valentine’s Day rocking a gorgeous heart shaped ring on her engagement finger.

So is Mrs. Perry engaged!?!? The answer is… We don’t know, but probably not.

The “Wide Awake” crooner’s rep had no response about whether or not she was taking things to the next level with John but it isn’t very likely. Katy suggested several times after her break up with Russell Brand that it simply wasn’t the right time for her to try to get into a relationship. She’s at the height of her career, loves to have a good time and sometimes men don’t know how to handle that. (Hey Rev. Run why don’t you throw a little something about that in your “Manology” book?)

Anyway, Hollywood may just need to give up this obsession with assuming every ring on an engagement finger is an engagement ring. You’re definitely letting the name fool you.

Fans are taking simple facts, like the fact that Katy Perry had a new red ring on Valentine’s Day, and turning it into crazy overnight love stories. It’s the same way we all thought Kim Kardashian might have been pregnant a while ago but really she had just put on a few pounds?

Every bloated stomach is not a baby bump and every flashy ring isn’t an engagement ring.

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