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Nickelodeon Star Joins Christina Ricci on NBC Pilot

star Miranda Cosgrove is headed to NBC to star alongside Christina Ricci in the interestingly titled sitcom Girlfriend in a Coma. 

Cosgrove will play Evie, who is the daughter of Karen (Ricci). Evie’s world is turned upside down when her mother wakes up after being in an almost two-decade-long coma. Karen is shocked to learn that she has a 17 year old daughter from a pregnancy that she was unaware of.

The sitcom is based off of the 2008 novel written by Douglas Coupland and will be a single camera style sitcom, written by Nurse Jackie’s Liz Brixius.

Seems like Miranda Cosgrove is staying busy since leaving the long running iCarly. Cosgrove starred in iCarly for seven seasons before the show came to an abrupt end last year, as the actress pursued a college degree at the University of Southern California. On July 3, Cosgrove also has Despicable Me 2 hitting the theaters as well.  More details on the pilot coming soon…



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