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Forest Whitaker Frisked Publicly for Shopping While Black in New York

ForestWhitakerForest Whitaker was publicly frisked in the middle of a New York deli after being accused of shoplifting which leads many to believe the only thing that made him suspicious was his race.

Anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the past century knows that Forest Whitaker is an Academy Award winning actor who has also obtained much success in directing and producing as well. So why in the world would he be trying to shop lift goods that’s even the average middle class American can afford from a deli in NYC?

While there isn’t any proof of racism being what provoked the public frisk, you can’t help but wonder if the only thing Whitaker was guilty of was shopping while black.

It all happened Friday morning when the Hollywood millionaire was on his way out of the deli. Suddenly an employee stopped Whitaker and accused him of grabbing some items off the shelf and trying to leave without paying for them.

Even bystanders who were inside the Upper West Side Milano Market were shocked and in disbelief when they saw the employee frisk the famous actor in public for all to see.

Needless to say, the rich actor hadn’t stolen a single thing from the establishment and he left the deli outraged.

“This was an upsetting incident given the fact that Forest did nothing more than walk into the deli,” his rep told TMZ. “What is most unfortunate about this situation is the inappropriate way store employees are treating patrons of their establishment.”

The question remains: is it all patrons being treated this way? Or would the employee not dare touch Forest if he was a white man in a business suit?

For some reason, the employee had no problem violating the “Repo Men” star’s Fourth Amendment rights which assures citizens that any search can’t happen without probable cause or a search warrant.

“Frisking individuals without proof/evidence is a violation of rights,” his rep continued.

So what happened to the small market? It seems like Frank Ocean’s poetic policy on forgiveness is spreading all over the country because the actor decided not to call the authorities.

Forest Whitaker accused of shoplifting from NYC deli “Forest did not call the authorities at the request of the worker who was in fear of losing his employment,” the rep added. “Forest asked that, in the future, the store change their behavior and treat the public in a fair and just manner.”

That’s it. Just a mild scolding and the market is free to go on accusing people of “swiping” items off their shelves without any evidence.

While we commend Forest for wanting to save the employee’s job, he may have turned down an opportunity to show business that they can’t get away with profiling their customers – whether it’s based on their race, clothes, or whatever the case may be.

The police needed to look into the matter and see if there are any other customers who have been publicly frisked when they hadn’t stolen a single thing from the store, but since the incident wasn’t reported to police they won’t have the right to push such an investigation.

With stats proving that African American males are profiled by police more than any other demographic, will the cops be willing to believe another black man who had been the victim of the public frisking since they won’t have the star power that Forest has?

It’s one thing to forgive, but sometimes we need to get to the bottom of things and we need to get answers.

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128 thoughts on “Forest Whitaker Frisked Publicly for Shopping While Black in New York

  1. Tasha Taylor says:

    Wth? Hope he got fired.


  3. Kevin Spruill says:

    curious – why a year old story? gotta be more recent cases of the same thing happening… just sayin'

  4. Pamela Squyres says:

    Just because they are rich and well known doesn't mean they are above stealing. Remember Wynona Rider? She didn't need to steal, but she did. They stated in the article that they didn't think it was a race issue. How about we not make it one either. Unless you were there, we can't say if he was purposefully acting suspicious. Who knows, maybe it was research for an upcoming role went bad. All that aside, the employee should have never touched him. Could be an obsessed fan who just wanted a reason to touch him and should be fired. Really we will never know because we were not there to witness anything.

  5. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    An employee thought he saw a guy grabbing some items off the shelf and trying to leave without paying for them. So he acted accordingly…
    The only racist thing about this case is making a fuzz about the fact that a black man was the suspect.. Ironic. Who`s really the racist here…

  6. Darvelle Levy says:

    But we have Mayor Guiliani's daughter caught stealing makeup on camera and they wanted to let her go.

  7. Sandy Todd says:

    Never ever ever talk about race. Just pretend a worker envisioned items disappearing off of a shelf when it didn't happen. Just live in a happy little world where nothing racist ever happens because nobody is allowed to talk about it.

  8. Simone Smith says:

    Wynona rider is a washed up has been..this man was profiled..end of story.

  9. I wouldnt have let that mf'er touch me!!! Call the cops if u think i stole something!

  10. MG Fame says:

    I wish you could live as an African American for just one day. This happens daily with police and in stores. You are completely ignorant tobthis experience so your opinion is absurd.

  11. Cortne Gardner-McCombs says:

    It is a year old but that doesn’t make it any less relevant, particularly with everything that has taken place in the last year since. I imagine we will be hearing more older stories like this that haven’t had any national attention just to make people aware that these type of injustices continue to take place and are not isolated incidences.

  12. Cortne Gardner-McCombs says:

    I thought of Wynona Rider as well and that certainly is a valid point but it’s kind of difficult to discount racism as being the motivator in this incident in light of everything that has taken place over this summer and long before. Racial profiling is most definitely a thing and it happens a lot more than you may realize or care to admit. I’ve certainly been a victim of it.

  13. Kevin Spruill says:

    Cortne Gardner-McCombs it's sloppy reporting… just dredging up an old story in no way really addresses the continuing situation… I remember when this occurred, it got national attention… same way it did w/ Oprah and other celebs who've gone through it.

  14. Pamela Squyres says:

    Sandy, why never ever EVER talk about race? Media makes that impossible. Even Forrest Whittaker said race was not an issue, but yet this article insists on making it so. The world is full of discrimination, whether it be race, gender or religion.

  15. Pamela Squyres says:

    and yes Wynona is no longer in demand, but my point was nobody should be above the law just because they are famous.

  16. Cortne Gardner-McCombs says:

    Kevin Spruill This is my first time hearing of this so I’m glad they posted it, sloppy or not. I remember Oprah’s ordeal …what ever became of that? You are right, it seems like whenever this happens to a celebrity or anybody, nothing really ever gets addressed and people go on with lives as if it never happened. You would have though, with all her pull and influence, Oprah would’ve raised hell and started an international campaign against racism and discrimination, but no, she continues to smile and grin in the faces of those who probably don’t give two shits about her. No wonder people are in denial about racism.

  17. Yeah he's black plus he's a multi-millionaire…How would you respond if Brad Pitt was accused of the same thing?

  18. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    Patrick Profcool McRae I would not respond?
    And thats my point. If he was white, nobody would even care

  19. Wasn't until I read ur comment that I looked at the date. However, like was pointed out, IF this had been broadcast when this happened maybe….just MAYBE these stories would be less.

  20. Worse yet, the employee or clerk has no law enforcement powers whatsoever. He wasn't even a security guard. The employee is a civilian who's only legal recourse is to notify the authorities, who could have frisked the actor or anyone else with probable cause. Worse yet, the employee had no legal powers to detain anyone for anything, Forrest Whitaker could have done more than had him fired, He could have filed a criminal complaint against the clerk for simple assault as well as unlawfully detaining him or holding him in the store. Mr. Whitaker was overly generous.

  21. Cheryl Harris says:

    Ignorance is bliss Marius Hansen … get educated … really educated about what has been and continues to happen to black Americans in this country maybe then you can try to understand why the action of the store employee wass deemed as racist. Maybe then you will have a little compassion!

  22. Adrian Burney says:

    The fourth amendment does not apply here. The amendment only applies to Government agencies actions vis a vis citizens.

  23. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    There is no appetite for Congress to alienate its base and address growing police brutality and Civil Rights violations occurring in the USA.

  24. Pamela Squyres says:

    MG my opinion is absurd because it's not yours. I never said racial profiling never happens. What I said was the media makes it impossible to get away from race issues. Forrest Whittaker said he did not believe it was about race, yet this article is making it so.

  25. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    Cheryl Harris Well i cant answer for what happens on the streets in the land of the free, but i can for what things are like in Scandinavia. And here its opposite day – every day. Say no to anything, racist, got robbed by black people – racist, no matter what happens to white people done by foreigners – racist. So i guess i could say, you could use a look outside the "word" of usa.

  26. MG Fame says:

    That is what I mean by absurd. This happens daily, if anything the media does not report it enough. There is a new video everyday of African Americans being abused by police. There are stories abiut profiling and things you can't imagine. I know you probably live a safe fairy tale life in surburbia so you wouldn't understand. This whole it's not that bad, stop making it about race attitude is exactly the problem. I will correct my statement. Your opinion is not absurd, it's ignorant. I can't fault you for that. You have no idea about DWB or profiling so let's just leave it at that.

  27. Donielle Wells says:

    Its not sloppy reporting. Its been here the whole time. You are just now reading it. But its been here the whole time. Just nobody cared when it happened.

  28. Jim Grimaldi says:

    Dear Taylor, the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable searches by government agents, not searches conducted by private citizens. You need do do a little more research before claiming someone's constitutional rights were violated.

  29. MG Fame says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen Because it wouldn't happen if he was white.

  30. Dwayne Burtin says:

    Exactly. Private citizens have more power, therefore can frisk anyone they want, even without probable cause.

  31. Nikk Arulfo says:

    A few things about this article. First I must ask if the article is published on a more focus group oriented site or if it is like a general unbiased site? Secondly, there are a couple of times in this article they point out he is a millionaire or that he is rich. Lastly, they assume that just because he is an actor/director, that everyone is supposed to know who he is. This is my observation, I could be wrong.

  32. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    MG Fame Just to think that is even more racist dude.
    We know nothing what hapened – but from what is said he suspected and acted. nothing rasict about that. calm your pants

  33. Vern Stevens says:

    Which makes it a battery and/or an assault instead.

  34. MG Fame says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen You're right, white men are being profiled and harassed daily. I mean how many unarmed white men have been shot by police. Too many to count. You are tired of hearing about race all the time. That's what this all about, it has nothing to do with facts. I know your type. If something happens, they had it coming, they had to do something wrong. You keep believing that, I'm not wasting my time trying to make you understand. Good day sir.

  35. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    MG Fame Well no im not like that aqtually – but like you say, im not going to waste my time trying to expand your way of thinking. Everything black vs white, all the time- sure. And white rasicm is not a real thing.

  36. Keith Davis says:

    As unfortunate as this was for this to happen to Mr. Whitaker it was not a violation of his constitutional rights because he was not detained by a government agent. He was frisked by a private person who was an agent of a private business.
    Some businesses have signs posted in their entrances stating that all patrons can be subject to be searched.
    This DOES NOT mean that his civil rights weren't violated.
    It's interesting how many people are not familiar with the constitution. Maybe we should pay closer attention in class.

  37. Ford Dee says:

    He DID NOT act accordingly, what he was suppose to do was call police not take action into his own hands. If this was someone else it could've ended in more than just him losing his job. Stores have insurance and I'm sure whatever he thought Mr. Whitaker took was not even worth putting his job or life on the line for.

  38. Rufus Rufus says:

    Well, you know how that goes. Store security watches the blacks, while the whites steal unnoticed.

  39. Rufus Rufus says:

    Greatest country in the world, huh?

  40. TA Green says:

    He should have done a Idi Amin on 'em….. but seriously, he missed an opportunity to educate young Blacks that if you are Black, even your wealth cannot will not afford you respectability….

  41. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    Ford Dee Hehe, okay. so instead of trying to find out the truth he should have made a big deal out of it by alerting the police. who wery well could have made it worse.
    To the last part; umh.. if thats the line of thought then no shop ever should try to prevent theft. Becouse its not worth it in case something happens?


  43. MG Fame says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen You Blacks need to stop complaining, whites have it just as bad. Signed @Marius Gipling Hansen.

  44. MG Fame says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen You Blacks need to stop complaining, whites have it just as bad. Signed @Marius Gipling Hansen.

  45. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    MG Fame No thats not what im saying. By all means, protesting something is the only way to make people notice the problem. But pulling out the racecard in all matters agains all white people who interact makes it become flaud.

  46. MG Fame says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen You can only play the hand you're dealt.

  47. MG Fame says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen Imagine if someone punched you in the face every single morning you walked by them for years. Then one morning they just pumped their fist and you flinched. Don't you deserve a little bit of a pass for flinching? That's the simplest way I can explain it. I know you don't understand but this is a way of life daily. Profiling and harassment and I mean every single day no exceptions. It's just not reported. It's not race baiting or playing a race card. It's a true epidemic, just because you are unaware does not make it a fallacy. Are there times when race is introduced and it is not true? Absolutely but I'm telling you that is rare, it is happening daily. You can not summarily dismiss this situation when you have zero experience or context of these scenarios. Your world is light years away from this tragic epidemic. Just admit you're tired of hearing about it versus using your bias to discredit real suffering. That's just irresponsible and self serving. Stop trying be right and get it right.

  48. Ford Dee says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen I have worked in the customer service industry for years and have seen people do this and lost their lives behind things that don't even belong to them. That's what cameras are for. IF he THOUGHT that he took anything he is NOT suppose to go chasing after them. That dear sir is told to them when they are hired or at least it should be. I have seen people walk out of a store with hundreds of $$$ worth of merchandise and do you for a second think that i was gonna go running after them??? HELL NO!!! I reviewed the cameras and called the police. Now what happens after that is not my concern, i did the job that I was paid to do, period.

  49. Heyward Johnson says:

    Y'all know this happened in 2013 and Mr Whitaker denied it was racist or about race.

  50. MG Fame says:

    Ford Dee I was being sarcastic and signing it under the name of guy you are responding to now. He believes that.

  51. Denise McFadden says:

    Oh good Lord! He helped the worker keep his job. I thought that was very decent of him. He knows what its like to be young and dumb. He helped the guy out. STOP making EVERY THING about race!!!!

  52. Jacqueline E. Irons says:

    Forget about that person's loss of employment. That's how these kinds of racist acts continue to flourish. They had no discretion!!! They should have taken Forest behind the curtain or in a private room. That's bull nonsense. This dumb bunny will do it again. He was just showing off anyway.

  53. Jacqueline E. Irons says:

    Forest should have knocked his head off. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. But seriously, you are absolutely correct!!!

  54. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    MG Fame Even though i dont belive in arguing on the internet i must say you are somewhat annoying when you keep writing "what i belive" or "what he ment".
    Becouse you dont, in any way.

    It might be a geaographical difference for all i know when it comes to the dimention of racism. Becouse if it was as bad as you describe over here, it would be handled.
    But like i said in the beginning (before you started explaing and jumping to conclusions) Over here, its oposite.
    Does racism exist? Absolutely but I'm telling you that is rare.
    The daily version we experience is the oposite. That everything we do is – Rasict.

    And in this case, we dont know shit – but people talk like they knew and jumping to conclusion – like you do now.

  55. Jacqueline E. Irons says:

    Dwayne Burtin I won't let them search me; I'd rather call the police and explain the situation when they make these kinds of mistakes.

  56. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    Ford Dee Well thats your call to make, myself i act different. But then again, in my country people who shoplifts are not armed. I guess we dont have enough of that "freedom consept" of yours 😉

    The last sentence is to dumb to even give a proper responce to

  57. Jacqueline E. Irons says:

    That ALL??????????? patrons, or just black ones.

  58. Jacqueline E. Irons says:

    I don't know why black people cannot see through racist tactics and profiling. What does it take???

  59. Jacqueline E. Irons says:

    The employee THOUGHT!! The employee was day-dreaming; the employee was this and that. Forgedabout!!!!!

  60. Stealing while white in America is normal from the land the Native Indians live to slavery so what else is new and when in trouble they steal the right to be juror as our peers and like to since when are we kindered

  61. Heyward Johnson says:

    Jacqueline E. Irons Some people are more comfortable Not seeing racism. That is part of our history on this soil.

  62. Best comment on this article, yet.

  63. Rufus Rufus Not true ,whites are busted all the time for stealing

  64. Deryck Monerville says:

    So disapointed with Mr.Whitaker.In declining to inforce his civil rights in this matter .It is a HUGE let down to all people any and every-where that injustices like this exsist.Past, presen , and future.

  65. Shit if I was the boss I wound fire the employee anyway!

  66. Nyla Dansby says:

    What's the name of the deli? We need to get back to picketing places like this. Call attention to their behavior . Don't sweep it under the rug.

  67. Ford Dee says:

    It's not "freedom concept" its common sense. Yes people that steal are armed….you probably need to go back to what ever country you came from with that foolishness.

  68. Christopher Tatum No Rufus is right

  69. Marius Gipling Hansen says:

    Ford Dee "Freedom consept" was sarcasm..
    You are right, stealing unarmed.. how retarded is that? (sarcasm alert)
    I mean… No guns.. how do we kill eachother? (again) When not even the police carry a gun.. Hint- we dont kill each other. It happens, but only a handfull every year.
    My foolish country is Norway. You`ll find us on the top shelf

  70. Willi Mac says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen Including the employee.

  71. Willi Mac says:

    Marius Gipling Hansen So… a guy from Norway presumes to opine about the experience of 'living while black' in America and all that [that] entails, then throws out the "race card" card when people who live with racism and the results of hundreds of years of racism have 'the nerve' to speak out about racism… Eff'n Amazing!

  72. Chris Meadors says:

    This moron who wrote this is trying to start crap for no reason. He stated that he doesn't know if racism is a factor but calling racist? Only people watching are speaking up? Nothing from the actor? So pretty much no story, just a bunch of hypocritical racism by a black person. Unfortunately the reason cops target black males is because they are involved in most crimes. Not racist, just a fact.

  73. the courts recognize a common law shopkeeper's privilege, under which a shopkeeper is allowed to detain a suspected shoplifter on store property for a reasonable period of time, so long as the shopkeeper has cause to believe that the person detained in fact committed, or attempted to commit, theft of store property.

  74. You're correct, its against the government

  75. Jacqueline E. Irons Most state allows merchants the Common Law Privlege of detaining a shoplifter, so if New York does the same, then you wouldnt have a choice if they chose to hold you for the police, if they thought you were shoplifting.

  76. Billy Campbell says:

    "While we commend Forest for wanting to save the employee’s job, he may have turned down an opportunity to show business that they can’t get away with profiling their customers – whether it’s based on their race, clothes, or whatever the case may be."

  77. Billy Campbell says:

    If the media where a living breathing human being…I believe it would be constantly thinking of new ways to racially segregate America.

  78. Billy Campbell I agree 100%

  79. Ford Dee says:

    Thank you Willi Mac!!!!! He's on the other side of the world and trying to tell us about a struggle….gtfoh

  80. Moor Ali El says:

    …the US Constitution doesn't give anyone rights. it reminds the government that it cannot violate the people's rights and it specifies particular rights so that there is no confusion. No one, not a government agent nor private person has the right to violate another person — touch, detain, search, etc. — without the person's consent. just because a govt. writes a code, statue, regulation and calls it a law, or a person puts up a sign saying i have the right to violate you if you enter here, does not given them the right to violate you. and since you are such a Constitution class close-attention-payer, i wonder why do people believe that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery ?

  81. Jamaal Hunt says:

    Just like the "fact" of how the majority of cases dealing sexual crimes are from white males?

  82. Moor Ali El says:

    …most everything in Amerikkka is about race, especially these stop and frisk incidents. no one is making EVERYTHING about race. maybe he didn't want to deal with the diversion and stress of pressing charges because of the media circus that would follow. maybe he was more considerate of his own peace of mind than helping the guy out for being whatever he was being. tell so-called white people to end racism, then maybe victims of racism / white supremacy won't point out the bs like racial profiling, driving while black, shot while handcuffed in the back of a police car and called suicide, shot in an open-carry state while holding a bb gun in the toy section of walmart, shot while flagging down a police officer after seeking help for a car crash, etc. etc. etc. gtfoh with blaming victims of racism for calling out racism.

  83. Moor Ali El says:

    …unfortunately, you don't know what you are talking about, just parotting bs that you use to keep your distorted view of reality in tact. obviously there is a story, or else we wouldn't be here reading and commenting. so-called black people cannot be racist, because racism is an institution / system of oppression and double standards. racism is a euphemism for global white supremacy. no so-called black person can take advantage of the system to oppress an individual or a whole ethnic group based on skin color. and your made up reason why cops target black males is some extra racist bs, because 1) you know A LOT of crimes commited by so-called white ppl are not caught or punished and oftentimes they are blamed on "some black guy did it". 2) you don't know that after chattel slavery ended, so-called white people used the 13th Amendment "…EXCEPT as punishment for a crime" to re-enslave so-called black people; thus the implementation of Black Codes (e.g., they made vagrancy illegal, but since freed slaves who left the plantation had no home or job, the could be arrested, imprisoned and re-enslaved; not to mention a whole lot of other bs "laws" that only applied to so-called blacks, and still other "laws" that were selectively enforced). morever, 3) you have no factual basis to prove your claim of the supposed reason why cops target black males. any statistics you may share can be countered by a preponderance of evidence proving disproportionate law-enforcement and violations of rights by so called white people upon non-white people. Are you a White Person ?

  84. Moor Ali El says:

    …cops target black males, because police originated as slave catchers and plantation protectors, and those poosies are scared that we will build up our strength and rise up against them, so they keep brutalizing, imprisoning, and murdering as many of us as they can. do you have some other moronic explanation that i can debunk and illuminate the truth for you Chris ?!

  85. Moor Ali El says:

    …so what? typical diversionary tactic of white privilege protectors, i.e., change the focus of the conversation on to something trivial, irrelevant, and inconsequential to the point of the discussion. nobody gives a fuq about grammar when the issue of racial profiling looms large in Amerikkkan society despite our efforts to use the king's english properly dotting all i's and crossing t's. take that grammar nazi shyt somewhere else if you aren't trying to eliminate racism / white supremacy.

  86. Gala D. Young-Williams says:

    What gets me most is that we go crazy over a pat down, which was wrong on all accounts but folk in Chicago dying by the hundreds and ain't nobody in an uproar about that. I guess being black in Chicago doesn't matter. If blacks killing blacks it's fine. They'll run this old story in the ground but nobodies talking about how to stop this tradgic story ………sad

  87. Chris Meadors says:

    Moor Ali El Yeah I have no clue. So all black people that commit a crime are caught? That would make the black crime higher. Do you not think before you write/speak? This is a story by a race baiter. He even stated he has no idea if racism is involved but he keeps mentioning it. So you are talking about dead people and a hundred years ago? Typical!! I am talking about this year and last. I do have Factual basis. I just showed you. Funny how you guys always bring up slavery. The U.S had the least amount of slaves out of any country, that were sold off by other blacks in case you didnt know. Also, only about 4% of white people (too many) owned slaves, and about 3000-5000 black people (also too many) owned slaves during the same time. How come you dont bitch at your own race for that and killing other blacks? I never said cops never target blacks, I'm just saying not all do. I proved my point with facts, not sure why/how you are arguing. Only ignorant people try to argue facts.

  88. Moor Ali El You're kidding me, right? I'm the first to admit that white privilege is bullshit. I believe in equal opportunity for everyone. Take your finger-pointing elsewhere. I was merely pointing out the fact that the article wasn't given as much care as it should have been given. If anything, the article should have been given more care simply because it deserves to be respected and taken seriously. To ensure this happens, it should be written with immaculate grammar. I've worked as a journalist before and this kind of lack of care in a piece with an important theme makes me wonder if the author actually gives a fuck.

  89. Chris Meadors says:

    Moor Ali El Come on man, idiots like you (all races) is the reason racism still exists. Cops kill other races all the time. Just not made national news for some reason, Oh wait i know why other races dont call racism for everything. Also you did not debunk anything. I threw out facts and you just went on a racist rant. Until everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others this country will always be divided.

  90. Moor Ali El says:

    Leo L. Chantury …i appreciate your response. maybe if you would have added in some of that with your original comment, i wouldn't have responded like i did. thanks for your feedback.

  91. Chris Meadors says:

    Cortne Gardner-McCombs Everything that has happened this year? A few people got killed when trying to attack someone? Its called self defense regardless if the other person has a weapon. Bullshit happens to all races. Look that up for ALL races. Pretty simple to do. The national media only covers when it happens to black people because that is what gets the country going.

  92. Moor Ali El says:

    Chris Meadors …no not all people who commit a crime are caught (no matter what ethnicity). still with the black white stuff huh ? you are determined to keep racism going by referring to people as colors. crime is crime. foh with that black crime / white crime bs. why ask a dumb rhetorical question about thinking before speaking, unless you are trying to hurl an insult, we both know that it is impossible to speak without thinking, so … moving on. You like indulging in namecalling, e.g. "race baiter" ? a person can give his opinion and make a disclaimer that he doesn't know for sure but state what he thinks the motivations of a persons actions may be. i am commenting about the past that has shaped our present. "Of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research." – MX YES, it is typical of me and a lot of ppl who desire to understand present circumstances by analyzing history and root causes. and, it is also typical of a so-called white person to try to ignore the truestory of the past, replace it with his-story, in order to maintain racism / white supremacy. there you go with some made up statistics again. there is only ONE RACE, the human race, and i do address any human that makes tries to shift the blame of racism onto victims of racism. you don't know what i do; but i see you like to jump to conclusions based on assumptions and arbitrary "facts". you didn't say "not all do". you just gave your bs reason why you think cops target so-called blacks (you can't / won't even put the word people after "black" — you don't see that do you?) Europeans used to think it was a "fact" that the world was flat and they ostracized and tortured people who tried to prove to them otherwise, so, your statement about arguing your supposed facts is more bs that doesn't apply here. specific quantifiable statistics are hardly ever exact, especially the stats you shared — where did they come from, if they are facts, what's the basis of those numbers you shared ? (they seem like you made them up, please prove me wrong by giving me a reference.) …."idiots like…" ? more namecalling ad hominem comments because you have to resort to that since you can't logically prove your hyperbolic claims ?? your last comments have revealed how racist you are and that you don't understand what racism is. it is not prejudice and bigotry, although they are aspects of racism / white supremacy. there are no "races". there is one human family, with various ethnicities. until so-called white people stop considering themselves white and calling Africans and their descendants blacks, then you are the one going on a racist rant, posing made up reasons and stats as facts. until you learn and recognize what racism really is, then people like you will always blur the truth with false logic and fake facts, blaming victims of racism for their own oppression. go read a book about it, then maybe we can have an intelligent discussion about it. otherwise, you are just spewing ignorance (lack of knowledge) about something you can only imagine the reality based on hearsay and tell-lie-vision.

  93. Chris Meadors says:

    Moor Ali El Actually here is a sentence from earlier post (Moor Ali El Yeah I have no clue. So all black people that commit a crime are caught? Notice people after black? Again trying to find something to make others seem racist. Hence race baiting, Also I did not make up anything I said. It is all facts and can be easily found. YOU again never mentioned anything factual just opinion. Learn history, and not all whites are racist. If someone is from Africa and lives here I will call them African American. If you are born her you are American, people say white and black to determine skin color. I am not the racist one here. You might want to look in the mirror. I am done with this ignorance, I need to speak to people on my level.

  94. Chris Meadors says:

    Moor Ali El Again just look up the facts buddy that YOU have not done. There are hundreds of websites that show that same stat. Stop saying white supremacy, again not all whites are racist your f'n bigot. You got your fist in the air like the black panthers and those f'ks are not racist? Shows how smart you are.

  95. Glorious Brunson Berrien says:

    Please, he did the right thing by not getting the police involved..who can trust what they would've done these days..

  96. Jerry Chapa says:

    Of course we should fight injustice and bigotry of any kind, and fight for civil rights for everyone, but maybe Mr. Whitaker was just being CHRISTIAN? I am constantly shocked that the majority of people in this country like to tout their Christianity when it's convenient, but are still full of judgmentalism and hate. Mr. Whitaker obviously felt, in this case, that racism may not have been a factor, gave the employee the benefit of the doubt, and like a Christian who actually puts his money where his mouth is, forgave this very stupid mistake and spared the employee, hoping the employee would learn something. Compassion is a powerful thing. There are bigger battles out there to fight.

  97. Renee Jones says:

    He is absolutely right. Christopher is living under a rock ( a white one no doubt) if he believes otherwise. Whites have been committing crimes with impunity since the founding of this country.

  98. How does a store employee frisk you. That's called a bad grab and you can sue for that. Can you say boycott. I can say it BOYCOTT that mother store.

  99. Roni Browne Katz says:

    "While we commend Forest for wanting to save the employee’s job, he may have turned down an opportunity to show business that they can’t get away with profiling their customers"……I think he did something even better. He showed that employee the way that a gentleman responds. Teach and lead thru example. No better lesson than that. Doubt that store employee will ever do that again.

  100. He is lucky that he did not push that person away. He would have been shot multiple times. Unless an employee is authorized security, frisking a person is unlawful.

  101. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    An employee frisked this gentleman? I thought that was a job for suspecting police officers.Since when can common citizens go about "frisking" one another, or practicing other lawful acts?

  102. I would have did what Forest did, contacted my lawyer, find out who owned the store.. purchased it and fired everyone in sight!! Then hired all new people..

  103. Ken Humphrey says:

    Nikk Arulfo It really shouldn't matter if he is white, rich or famous. There is plenty of rich and famous that steal for the thrill of it, but obviously they didn't find anything him. We need ask ourselves how we would feel if frisked and did nothing wrong. Mr. Witaker is a good person. It is hard to know what I would have done in that situation but I would probably want that person fired.

  104. Jiia Felisha says:

    Why even shop or do business with these people?!! Go where your dollars are appreciated

  105. Maria Rory says:

    About four years ago i would have said call the police.But now NYCP..Hell know he did the right thing.

  106. Mark E. Jones says:

    But it was about race

  107. Rona Davis says:

    Wow. Just wow. I would be wiping the courtroom floor with that employee's arse.

  108. Gwen Knave says:

    Is the clerk getting his ass whooped WITH probable cause (putting his hands on someone who hadn't done anything wrong), legal?

  109. I find that story to be very pitchfork inducing. Whilst I myself am very much against racisim, I find that the story was focused on he was only stopped because he was black. Yes, I know that its a fair argument black vs white when it comes to shoplifting who is finger pointed more – can it not just be that someone made a mistake and thought a customer was shoplifting and got it wrong? The world is the cause of racisim, there wouldn't be racist remarks or derogatory comments made if the media didn't get their worth from it. People need to stop categorising, stop manipulating the media and creating racisim. There is no difference between black and white, its the personally of the person regardless of race, the colour of your skin doesn't make decisions for you….

  110. Richard Izzard says:

    I would own that piece of ass Market! Star or Not! All racist people need to Die!

  111. Scott McDonald says:

    Not that I agree with this, but the fourth amendment applies to the government frisking a person, not another person frisking him… If anyhting the employee assaulted him not violated his 4th amendment rights. Correct me if I'm wrong

  112. Marie Leggette says:

    David Hamilton yes, they can detain, but they cannot TOUCH the thief or search or frisk them. That is where the line is drawn they can hold them until security comes but even then, they have to have PROOF. Depending on the state those laws are even more specific… by touching and frisking the suspect, it opens the store up for liability and grounds to be sued…

  113. Your right. Touching the "suspect" by attempting to search him or her and/or pat frisking them takes it to another level which is off limits for civilians and reserved for the police. Several years ago in NJ an ex head of the Newark Police Dept. and a sitting judge who was Black, was detained by security guards at a NJ moll for suspicion of shop lifting,. They not only pat frisked him, they had the audacity to perform a strip search (making him remove all his clothes and visually inspecting his body cavities), something even local police are forbidden to do without a court order, and/or the individual being remanded to a county jail. Needless to say they found nothing, and he was humiliated beyond belief. I believe Judge Claude Coleman probably owns part of that NJ moll today. Thereafter, all the security guards were fired and replaced, and the security personnel were integrated. I retired from Corrections in NJ. There were things I could do as a sworn law enforcement officer that I can't do now as a civilian. No civilian, Black or White, should have to be humiliated and violated by another civilian like that.

  114. I am glad he did not press charges but he is rite and I think with all his power he should encourage other blacks to change there ways and maybe the hunt for people of color will stop.

  115. Not to take away from the larger point — and I am outraged as well — but the article makes a statement about the "store clerk" violating Mr. Whitaker's 4th Amendment rights. Sorry, that's not the way it works. Only agents of the State can violate 4th Amendment rights. The unwarranted touching of Mr. Whitaker's body is a "battery", under the law. You see, the store clerk does not have the authority to arrest Mr. Whitaker. When the store clerk stopped him while leaving the store, Mr. Whitaker was under no obligation to submit to a search by the clerk. The 4th Amendment is a protection from the State conducting unlawful searches and seizures. What the clerk did was certainly a battery and possibly a false imprisonment, depending on what methods he used to prevent Mr. Whitaker from leaving.

  116. Dennis Dread says:

    What is 'has cause to believe that the person detained in fact committed, or attempted to commit, theft of store property..' ? What does this consist of?

    One's imagination?

  117. Dennis Dread says:

    The problem with calling the police is that this could have then gone much worse for Mr Whitaker.

  118. Horrible the person should have lost their job!

  119. Connie Guess says:

    Call the police???? You're kidding, right??? NYC Cops would have chopped Mr. Whitaker down to the sewers and then say, "oops, someone said he was armed!" … Cop calling is the LAST thing a black male should do in NYC!!! Paaaalease!!

  120. He was thinking of his long term money and the fact that he is lucky to have a place in the matrix mind control machine and he was told to move on by the chip in his head- the same chip they are planning to use in the rest of us soon

  121. Kelly Melim says:

    Everyone is blaming the cops. In this case it was a STORE employee not a cop. They didn't say what race the employee was either. Is bet money he wasn't from this country since he didn't know who the actor was.

  122. Willi Mac I can keep debating every twat that comes along and has an input, but i suspect that would never end. If you read, you`ll find the answer.
    I allready said "It might be a geaographical difference for all i know when it comes to the dimention of racism." But i guess you just read the part that triggered you.

    Like i said at the top, before all the butt hurt people started to yammer,
    An employe acted on what he thought was theft, and then was accused of racism.
    We know nothing if there was some underlying intentions, but people here sure seem eager to classify it as an act of racism. It might be, it might not be.
    To fight racism is a good thing, but if the race-card gets waved every time an happening include a white vs black, it looses its power.
    Im not debating how its like to live in the us, that's all on you.
    America sure is living up to its rumor.

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