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'Safe Haven' and 'Die Hard' Close Call This Weekend at Box Office

Looks like many spent their Valentine’s day in the movie theater. Both new films that opened on the most romantic day of the year, Safe Haven and Die Hard were a very close call in the box office.

However, while both opened to good numbers, they weren’t great, both films fell short of their initial estimated number in sales. Both Safe Haven,  the romantic film based on the popular Nicholas Sparks novel and the guys guy movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, opened around the same amount at a little over $7 million. Not trailing too far behind in third was last weekend’s number one, Identity Thief, that was down around 40% since is last weekend premiere. Opening on Friday, Warner Bros Beautiful Creatures and the largely celebrity cast involved in the animated comedy Escape From Planet Earth lagged significantly behind the top three spots. Beautiful Creatures taking the sixth place and Escape From Planet Earth taking fourth. However, the animated kids comedy is expected to see a bigger turn out as the weekend progresses.

This Valentines Day had a much higher showing than  many in the past years.  Seems like ladies are doing a much better job bribing their guy to take them to see a love story than in the past.  Certainly, you can’t go wrong with a Nicholas Sparks based movie, add some chocolates and roses in there and you’re set for atleast the next few months.

Still holding strong since its December opening is Silver Linings Playbook, which placed in the Top Ten of the week, bringing in $1.4 million for the weekend, and accumulating a total amount $93.8 million as a whole.

As the weekend progresses, I’m sure we will see a change in the box office numbers, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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