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Man Slaps Crying Baby on Atlanta Bound Delta Flight

Joseph Hundley slaps baby for crying on Delta flight Joseph Rickey Hundley may be the luckiest man alive right now as he managed to slap a crying baby on an airplane and not immediately be pulverized by the child’s mother and the other passengers on the plane.

Americans may struggle to reach compromises when it comes to politics and agree on what certain social norms should be, but there is one thing that almost every single person in this country agrees on: do NOT mess with children.

Hundley, a 60-year-old man from Idaho, tested his luck while on board the Delta flight and although he has been charged with simple assault he still got off easy after he had the audacity to put his hands on someone else’s child.

According to the Associated Presss, Hundley was sitting on the plane next to 33-year-old Jessica Bennett when her baby started crying. While sitting next to a crying baby can be a bit irritating sometimes, the plane was actually descending and getting ready to land – which meant that the elderly fellow only had a few more minutes to be on board the plane anyway.

Joseph Hundley slaps crying baby and using racist language Besides, even as adults we hate when our ears pop on an airplane. Can you really expect a baby not to cry when the same thing happens to him?

Well for some reason Joseph decided that having a little peace and quiet during landing was more important than the child’s well being so he took matters into his own hands.

In court documents Bennett said that Mr. Hundley told her to “shut that ni**a baby up” before he reached over and slapped her 2-year-old son across the face.

The slap even left a small scratch under the baby’s eye.

Now do you see why he’s the luckiest man alive? Hundley actually found one of the rare mothers who decided not to try to find a way to throw him off the plane or have someone cover her son’s eyes while she returned the slap. Of course, Jessica made the right decision and I admire her for that – I’m just saying it couldn’t have been me.

Idaho man slaps crying baby on board Delta flight Needless to say Hundley is denying all accusations and swears that the child’s mother is lying to the courts and the press.

The Idaho man’s version of events claims that he never touched the child and that he politely “asked the mother to quiet the child.”

We’re not even going to go into how big of a lie that must be because passengers on board the plane revealed the situation caught their attention after they heard “derogatory language” being used.

The baby assaulter even had the audacity to describe himself as a victim, saying it was “distraught” on board the plane. When alcohol came into question he promised that he only had one drink, but the courts might not be so willing to accept that story after they looked into his records.

Hundley has a few other small charges under his belt including a DUI back in March of 2012.


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0 thoughts on “Man Slaps Crying Baby on Atlanta Bound Delta Flight

  1. Bill Stratford says:

    I sat next to a 2 yr old once who constantly cried. I suggested to his moms that she remove his shoes. He got comfortable with his feet up on my leg and he fell asleep while mom was looking at the pictures in the magazine. She eventually realized her son's feet were on my thigh–I said leave him be, he's fine, he's sleeping, he's not crying dripping snot everywhere!

  2. That man really has some nerve "WHAT THE HELL IS THE WORLD COMING TOO!

  3. Sherie Galante says:

    I'm afraid I would have slapped him right back!

  4. Debra Stewart says:

    This man would have got his old tail beat!

  5. Debra Stewart says:

    So help me God he would have been beat like he stole something dog on shame to be old and ignorant!!

  6. Rick Helbig says:

    I would have beaten the wrinkles off of him!

  7. Jesse Hawks says:

    Why is almost every thing that i see in the news is being committed by someone in idaho first the guy who shot at the white house then some i can't remember and now this really Idaho come on.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Shaniqua shut that darkie up! LMAO!

  9. Brenda Nero says:

    Assault upon a baby by a drunken stranger coupled with the fact that it was a hate crime should come with a stiff prison penalty short of death. This man is not a decent human being and should be removed for a definite period of time from a society that considers itself to be civilized.

  10. Kathy Larue says:

    Babies shouldn't be allowed on planes!

  11. Punish Vinti says:

    I would of slapped the alcohol level out his old ignorant ass.

  12. Mark Samuel says:

    You're joking right, and if you are not funny!

  13. Kathy Larue says:

    Mark Samuel No, I'm NOT joking…SMH

  14. Too bad the kid didn't puke on him. What a total idiot.

  15. Neither should bleached blondes YUK.

  16. I am a 62 year old white Granny and I'm thinking this guy is Lucky this little boy's Granny wasn't on board. The Mom might have just been avoiding anymore violence , but his Granny would have kicked this man into next week. The descent of a plane causes pain in the ears of most little ones and they do not know how to relieve that pressure. And 60 is not elderly or an excuse. This happened in a Wal-Mart a few years ago and what shocked me more was the comments from the AHOLES who agreed it was ok. 25%! You people, ya'll come on down to my neck of the woods and I GD guarantee you if you strike a child there will be terrible and swift retribution.

  17. Sure hope you do not breed!!

  18. Kathy Larue says:

    I'm not a bleached blond Rene'….it's called mother nature….something every woman dreams of! Sounds like you're a little jealous! SMH!! I didn't know 1 year olds were allowed on here or are you that ugly that you have to use a baby for a profile pic…LOL!

  19. Kathy Larue says:

    Airline passengers are really seedy nowadays!

  20. That is my Grandson and jealous of what ? I am a redhead still . You look bleached to me. My 16 year old Granddaughter put this pic. in here. Anyone who would advocate hitting a baby for any reason is the ugliest thing around.Hope you did not breed either. LOL

  21. Kathy Larue says:

    Ugggghh…a redhead, the worst of ALL!! Just another frumpy woman who doesn't know what she's talking about! Low class trailer trash at it's finest! You don't comprehend what you read either…I just simply said Babies should not be on planes! no wonder people think there are aliens roaming around….SMH! And my hair may look bleached to you, but that's wonderful mother nature….young girls would give anything to have their hair silver, and I guess I was just one of the lucky ones….You don't know the difference between bleached and the real thing….hahaha, pretty pathetic…..FIGURES, cause you're the average moron walking the streets like all the rest! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!

  22. Zomby Tam says:

    No one lay hands on my kids. I would "pulverized " anyone who hits my kids in a heartbeat.

  23. Kathy Larue says:

    Jealous much….SMH!

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