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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9 Spoilers Are A "Hard Bargain"

Grey Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy season 9, episode 15 is named “Hard Bargain” for a good reason. On this show, the hospital will head into a downward spirals even closer to its financial demise. The medical establishment will try to hold on to its last few lifelines as Owen (Kevin McKidd) will make some rough decisions, which will include passing on an high-cost surgery that could save the life of a child.  Alex and Jo, on the other hand, will work together to save a young baby’s life, and April asks Jackson for dating advice.

In the first sneak peek video below, Derek teams with Callie (Sara Ramirez) in convincing the doctors from the lawsuit to form together to buy the hospital themselves.

The second video, the doctors involved in the lawsuit must have all band together, because they all quit at the same time. Subsequently, Owen  looks stun, and confused as if he has no idea what their plan is.

Grey’s Anatomy, comes on Thursday, February 14, 9:00pm EST on ABC.

Spoilers video and pictures below:

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