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'New Girl' Fans, Meet Nick's Family

Margo Martindale will play Mrs. Miller

New Girl fans will get a glimpse of what made Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) the lovable curmudgeon that he is.  Later this season the loft takes a trip to Nick’s hometown of Chicago, where they’ll have the pleasure of meeting all of the Miller’s.

Of course, we’ve already met Nick’s con man dad, played by Dennis Farina, when he swindled Jess into buying him a horse earlier this season. Now we’ll get to meet Nick’s skeptical mom (Margo Martindale), his slow but sweet younger brother Jamie (Nick Kroll) and crazy cousin Bobby (Bill Burr), as first seen in The Hollywood Reporter. Nick’s Old Aunt Ruth, played by 99-year old actress Ellen Albertini Dow, will also make an appearance. Old Aunt Ruth tells Jess (Zooey Deschanel) she thinks the Miller’s are trying to nudge her into dying. Jess is sure to be hilariously awkward in that particular situation.

Ellen Albertini Dow is ‘Old Aunt Ruth’

Nick Kroll is known for his role as a Jewish product-liability attorney, Rodney Ruxin, on The League . Kroll also has his own sketch comedy show aptly titled The Nick Kroll Show on Comedy Central. Bill Burr recently appeared on Breaking Bad, Stand Up Guys, and Date Night in 2010. Margo Martindale won an Emmy for her performance on FX’s Justified and is currently working on an 8-episode arc for FX’s The American’s. Ellen Albertini Dow is most recognizable for her roles in Wedding Crashers and The Wedding Singer. 

New Girl has steadily been introducing family members of the five main characters. So far we’ve met Jess’s parents, Smidt’s fratty cousin, Winston’s mom and sister, and Nick’s dad. We still have yet to really meet Winston or Cece’s family, but it’s only a matter of time. Meeting the rest of the Miller family is sure to be a real treat, now we just have to wait until the episode airs this March.

Nick Kroll and Bill Burr to play Nick’s brother and cousin, respectively


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