Heidi Klum Steps Out in (Ugly) Patchy Fur Vest…And We May Know Why


Nobody is loving Heidi Klum's frontier fur vest Heidi Klum may be the host of one of TV’s most popular fashion competitions, but the Project Runway host isn’t getting any high marks for her patchy overly detailed fur vest.

Klum is always the one reminding aspiring designers that “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out,” and we’re hoping she told herself that in the mirror before she stepped out in her latest fashion tragedy.

The Project Runway judge made an appearance at the Kenneth Cole A/W presentation in New York on Thursday in half fur, half studded polka dot vest that she paired with a simple white button down and pattered pants.

As if the strange fur accessory wasn’t enough, she decided that now was the time to add a bold accent across the toe of her black pumps. FYI: Now was not the time for the gold accent on the pumps.

There are literally so many different elements in the one outfit that it almost makes you dizzy just trying to figure out which piece exactly was supposed to be the statement piece.

Heidi Klum over accessorized at Kenneth Cole presentation Of course, we aren’t really sure if we should start making jokes because there are actually some very sad possibilities that could have resulted in the patchy fur work.

Here’s just a few of our theories:

1) Heidi was on her way to the event when she got into a scuffle with a mugger who wanted to take her vest and in the midst of the struggle Heidi’s once full fur vest had been shredded to the lone patches that we saw at the Kenneth Cole presentation.

2) Heidi is secretly going through hard times and could only afford 45% of the fur that was on the original vest.

3) The fur patches are actually poor little hamsters clinging to Heidi for dear life in hopes of finding a happy home.

If none of those options are true, however, then Heidi you are out. Auf Wiedersehen.


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