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'Whodunnit?' ABC Green Lights Murder-Mystery Reality TV Show

Get ready for Whodunnit? the longest murder-mystery dinner party…ever. Anthony Zuiker, creator of the long running smash success CSI, just developed a brand new murder mystery reality show for ABC.

On Whodunnit?, thirteen strangers are thrust into a fabulous mansion for two months. One of the contestants is actually an undercover “murderer.” Each week this unsavory character will “kill off” other contestants. The remaining contestants then have to use various clues and investigative techniques to figure out…you guessed it…whodunnit?! By the finale, three contestants will be left and one will walk away with a $250,000 cash prize.

As seen on Vulture, ABC green lit nine episodes of the reality show, set to premiere this summer. While I’m usually opposed to anything with “reality tv” in the title, reality tv + CSI actually sounds pretty appealing. Who hasn’t watched CSI and applied those investigative techniques to real life!? (Really, just me?) Anyone who grew up playing Clue will certainly have an appreciation for this real life crime solving TV show. I wonder if the murder weapons on Whodunnit will be limited to a revolver, wrench, rope, knife, lead pipe, and candlestick…


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