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Glenn Beck Calls Obama ‘Girl’ For Questioning Football Safety

glenn-beck-calls-president-obama-a-girl-1-18353-1360014058-4_bigGlenn Beck is resorting to playground-style taunting of the president, calling him a “girl” for saying he wasn’t sure whether he would let a hypothetical son play football because of his concerns about the sport’s safety for youngsters.

Obama’s view was too much for the conservative talk show host to take. He went on a rant during his online show, playing a clip of the Obama interview from CBS News and repeatedly saying “girl” while the president talked and mocking him in a girlish voice. It was about as juvenile as political commentary could ever get.

“His man card has been revoked by me, and that’s saying something” Beck said. “When I’m saying you’re a girl, you are absolutely 100 percent girl power.”

Then Beck went in the anti-intellectual direction that has become popular among Republicans, slamming the president for getting too “philosophical” and “complex” when he answers questions — further evidence of Obama’s femininity, according to Beck, apparently attempting to insult women and anybody with half a brain at the same time.

If he had a son who wanted to play, Obama told CBS, “I’d have to think about it. It’s hard to say ‘No’ to a kid when they have passion for something.”

This was just a week after Republicans questioned the veracity of Obama’s claim to the New Republic that he goes skeet shooting “all the time” at Camp David. After Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn challenged Obama to a skeet shooting contest at Camp David, saying “I bet I’ll beat him,” the White House released a photo taken during the summer of the president skeet shooting.

“You’re a full-fledged woman. I never heard anybody but a woman say that,” Beck continued, saying that only women are concerned about the dangers of football and “every guy, even me, says ‘relax.’ ”

“Stop being such a chick, Mr. President. Stop it. You’re commander-in-chief. Not chick-in-chief,” Beck said.


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2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Calls Obama ‘Girl’ For Questioning Football Safety

  1. Levi Batiste says:

    Glee Peakd doesn't realize no one is listening anymore. Becksville opens 2016, make sure you have your jeans.

  2. Michael John says:

    Death and serious injure should be a concern to parents when it comes to football.

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