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Alternative Medicine: Best Oils, Vitamins to Fight Illness, Boost Health

Tis’ the season to be wheezin’ ….  Believe me, as an ER nurse, I saw it all!  And this has been one of the WORST seasons for colds and flu.   AND, with upper respiratory crud comes ear infections, especially for little ones.  As good parents, we can’t stand to see our children sick or hurting, so we take them to the pediatrician.  Unfortunately, the well-intentioned pediatrician only has so many tricks up his/her sleeve – and has written a prescription for that same antibiotic to treat the same bronchitis or ear infection at least 15 times by your 2 p.m. appointment.  What does this mean?  The nasty little bacteria that’s causing all the ruckus is getting wise to us, and before you know it, we all need a second round of antibiotics or worse – a third round of a different antibiotic to try to outsmart and kill the little booger.  I have heard this from too many moms this season.

We stayed healthy until a week and a half ago.  It hit and hit HARD.  Nasty wet cough, snotty noses, ear pain, sleepless nights … it got all four of mine!  Then it hit me!  I’m thrilled to say that we just have a little residual congestion and intermittent cough, but we kicked it!  And with NO doctor visits and NO antibiotics.

While some MDs will scoff at “holistic” treatments, many are coming to recognize the dire need to treat common infections with natural approaches that are smarter than the bacteria.  Ready?  Get set ….. GO!


No, not all vitamins and supplements are created equal.  The gummy bear variety X-Mart brand really and truly is not giving your child a “leg up.”  In fact, all the sugar is actually killing his/her immune system.

“Bioavailability” is a VERY important concept here.  We’ve all heard the term “whole food,” and it is equally important in supplements.  All this means is where are the good parts of the vitamins made:  a lab or in nature?  You can fool your body with man-made or “synthetic” vitamins, but you have to take A LOT of them in order to get a reasonable dose.  Why?  Because the body doesn’t readily recognize and assimilate them.

On the other hand, if nature made the vitamin (meaning it came from actual food and is in its natural state), your body knows what it is and exactly how to use it. For that reason, those quality vitamins won’t have mega-doses of vitamin D and vitamin A, because it’s so easily used by the body, you don’t NEED that much of it.  THAT is bioavailability in simplest terms.


I’m not an expert, but I’m trying to become one!  Oils are one of the most potent forms of herbal medicine available!  They should not be used without research. Some are unsafe for pregnancy and/or children.  Some cannot be applied directly and must be used in a carrier oil (like olive oil or fractionate coconut oil).  Some can be taken internally, and some cannot.  All that said, they are potent, and they work when used correctly…

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