New 'Terminator' Film Hastily Selects Scribes

Many people thought the Terminator franchise ended with the debacle that is 2009’s Terminator: Salvation. A recent report from Empire claims otherwise, stating the likes of Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier have been hired to write a brand-spanking-new script from rights holder Megan Ellison.

Annapurna Pictures’ Megan Ellison and her brother David Ellison are teaming up to put a brand new Terminator movie on the map. They’ve called upon the talents of Laeta Kalogridis to pen the project, the same screenwriter responsible for Avatar, Shutter Island and Alexander. We find that to be something of a mixed bag.

Another gamble comes in the form of Patrick Lussier, who’s mostly known for directing Dracula 2000, Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine and White Noise 2: The Light. If we’re to assume the new Terminator project will be the same caliber as those films — or if Lussier has a hand in directing at all — fans of the beloved franchise may as well start petitioning, complaining and weeping now.

It seems the only hope lies in the producing duo of Megan and David Ellison. Megan Ellison produced such films as Zero Dark Thirty and The Master while her brother had a hand in backing Jack Reacher and the new Star Trek sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness. One can only hope that their combined powers (see: bank accounts) can give this new Terminator film the financial backing it deserves.

All in all, this one seems to be nothing more than another mediocre rehash designed solely to make money, which is sad when one considers how groundbreaking and well done the first two Terminators movies are. However, it may be too early to reach a verdict for this new Terminator film, especially when a cast or director has yet to be selected.

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