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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Seeks African Unity Through One President

President Robert Mugabe yesterday said the forthcoming African Union (AU) summit should discuss the appointment of a president of Africa to foster unity and ensure that member states adhere to the founding principles of the continental body.

Mugabe was addressing journalists at State House in Harare after a two-hour meeting with President Thomas Boni Yayi of the Benin Republic, who is also the outgoing AU chairman. Yayi said he was in Zimbabwe to discuss the challenges Africa was facing and to get advice on ways to end conflict, in countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Central African Republic.

The proposal to set up a United States of Africa was first made by the slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 1999 as a way of ending the continent’s conflicts, but it failed to secure enough support from his African counterparts with some suspecting Gaddafi wanted to rule Africa. But Mugabe yesterday emphasized Africa should have one president who would help fight divisions and move Africa to a continental power from the regional shell he claimed it was today.

“Yes, we need a president for Africa,” Mugabe said. “That is what we are going to discuss at the AU summit. Africa is not a united continent. We are not at the stage our founding fathers wanted us to be when the organ was formed.”

Mugabe said the AU had failed to integrate Africans, with some seen in the context of Anglophones and others Francophones. Mugabe said he was pleased that even though Zimbabweans had political differences, they had realized they were guided by the same destiny and hoped the forthcoming elections would be peaceful.

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9 thoughts on “Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Seeks African Unity Through One President

  1. Arsene Kuri says:

    A United States of Africa is a good idea. Look at how strong the U.S. became after the Union. Europe no longer has internal conflicts even though it was responsible for the two World Wars. The European Union governs the continent and ensures peace. Europe's economy boomed in the second half of the last century soon after the Second World War because it was united. Africa would do well to do the same. But I suspect United States of Africa is a distant dream. African leaders are too selfish and cynical to see the benefits of such a Union.

  2. Joe Kelsall says:

    The continent of Africa is not yet ready for conventional democracy; there are too many differences between various countries. Even where there is untold wealth in Africa, the indigenous population see none of it. And, there are too many other nations with their own agenda in Africa. As an example, take Namibia. It has a small population ion a country brimming over with diamonds, gold etc. Every Namibiian should be living in a detached house, wiith a swimming pool. They can't even leave the poor Bushmmen alone! Furthermore, Mugabe is NOT the man.

  3. Arsene Kuri says:

    Who do you think is responsible for that?

  4. Laure Uwa says:

    it' s not about the leaders only! it's about the african population! Einstein said: the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing.
    So it's good to criticize our regime but we have to ask ourselves: what are we willing to do to change the situation?
    A president owe his power to his population, the population does not owe his power to his president!

  5. Mwaice u r using sense there! U r saying exactly what i have bin tellin pple.

  6. The last Pan Africanist President has spoken. Now that Gaddafi has been wiped off it almost seemed as if African Unity was just a dream but NO Mugabe, the only one left in Africa to stand up to the US and the west has spoken.

  7. Arsene Kuri says:

    Laure Uwa Einstein also said, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." Apathy is the worst enemy of progress and a United Africa would be the best form of progress. The best weapon against apathy is Awareness; people have to know, they have to understand and they need to react. And who else but a country's leader, it's government, is responsible for raising awareness?

  8. African Lion! We love you!

  9. AFRICA must create its own news channel, to report news without fear or favour. we are tired of been told stories (news) of our continents by outsiders. AFRICAN UNION WAKE UP.

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